Lisa Vanderpump Reunites With Her Horse After Accident: PHOTOS

Lisa Vanderpump

Bravo Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa Vanderpump was seen in public for the first time weeks after suffering a horrific horseback riding accident.

In late January 2022, the 61-year-old former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star was thrown from her horse, Prince Tardon, while riding at The Paddock in Los Angeles. The Bravo star, who was thrown over the horse’s head and onto her back, broke her leg in multiple places and was rushed to the hospital for surgery, according to Page Six.

In an Instagram post on February 6, Vanderpump thanked fans for their well wishes.

“I am doing much better after surgery!” she captioned a photo of multiple floral arrangements. “4 fractures in my leg and a badly bruised back, but I am on the road to recovery! I will be back in the saddle of life soon!”

Lisa Vanderpump Posed Alongside Her Horse

In her first photo since the accident, Vanderpump posed outside of her horse’s stable as she leaned on one of her crutches. “Reunited and it feels so good…” she captioned the pic on February 19.

Fans reacted to the reunion, with one joking, “[Horse] looks very guilty.” Other fans said it was good to see Vanderpump “up and about” again.

Vanderpump previously told the Daily Mail she had been “cantering” when her
beautiful horse” fell and cut his nose.

“I landed breaking my leg in four places, but I was so concerned I’d broken my back,” she told the outlet earlier this month. She credited her surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Jung, for getting her back on her feet.

“I am progressing very well and I’m ahead of schedule. I certainly won’t let this get the better of me,” she said, adding, “I can happily report that HRH Prince Tardon is doing fine now.”

While she was happy to be reunited with her horse, Vanderpump will probably never ride him again. In an interview posted by TMZ, Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd said the day of the accident is the last time his animal-loving wife would ever ride her prized horse.

“I think maybe that was her last ride,” Todd said in early February. “I wouldn’t let her ride again. Our horse was a gentle horse. A Cavalia horse, perfect. He was amazing. Something spooked him. And you never know when that’s gonna happen.”

Lisa Vanderpump Was Seen in Her Cast While Wearing a Heeled Shoe on Her Other Foot

In addition to her photo at the stable, Vanderpump was seen getting into a car with her cast in full view.

In a pic shared by the Bravo Snark Side Instagram page, the “Vanderpump Rules” queen bee was holding an oversized Chanel bag in one hand and a cane in the other. She also wore a sparkly-heeled shoe on her left foot and her orthopedic boot on her fractured leg. The photo was taken as Vanderpump arrived for a physical therapy session in Los Angeles, according to Radar Online.

Vanderpump told the Daily Mail that she is “doing physio, massage, icing constantly and walking around on crutches” as she recovers.

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