Lisa Vanderpump Gives Answer on Returning to RHOBH

Lisa Vanderpump

Bravo Lisa Vanderpump.

Throw her to the wolves, and she will return leading the pack.

During a recent interview, Lisa Vanderpump revealed if she would ever want to return to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” one day. The star exited the show midway through season 9 after she was accused of selling stories to the press about Dorit Kemsley and the dog she had to rehome. Vanderpump denied involvement in this, but many of her cast mates, including former best friend Kyle Richards, did not believe her.

So, now that it’s been a few years, has the time come for her to return to the series? Don’t count on it.

“I have no plans to,” Vanderpump told Extra TV in an interview published on July 20. “Andy said the door is always open. It’s not something I want to be involved in right now, especially with what is going on over there right now. Hard pass. You never say never, but never right now.”

Viewers can catch brand new episodes of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Bravo.

Vanderpump Says That She Left the Show Because She Was ‘Very, Very, Very Unhappy’

While speaking on Us Weekly’s Getting Real With The Housewives podcast in March 2021, Vanderpump revealed more about why she left “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and how she felt at the time.

“I left because I was very, very, very unhappy and I didn’t appreciate being called a liar,” Vanderpump said during the podcast episode. “To accuse me of selling a story, when you never get stories come out of my restaurants, you know, so it was such an insult to me. It was about my heart, it was about the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which was something that was born out of complete compassion and my passion project. I just thought, ‘I’m done with it.’”

Vanderpump continued, “When I said ‘I swear to you on my children’s life,’ and somebody goes, ‘I don’t believe you, in that nanosecond I knew that’s it for me. Any friend of mine, if they would say, you know, ‘I swear to you all my children’s life,’ I would not ever need to question anything again … so I walked out.”

Vanderpump Is Close Friends With One ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Star

Even though she may not have left the franchise on the best terms with some of her costars, there’s always room for new friendships. Vanderpump has recently become friends with Garcelle Beauvais, who joined the cast during season 10. During a May 2022 interview with E! News, Beauvais explained how she met the former star in the first place.

“She was actually putting on an event for Haiti at TomTom, so I got to meet her,” Beauvais explained to the outlet at the time. “There was Haitian music blaring. There were more Haitians than I knew there were in California that night there. So I just fell in love with what she was doing.”

Beauvais also added about her relationship with Vanderpump, “We don’t even talk about Housewives. She’s not on the show. What’s there to talk about?”

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