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Lisa Vanderpump has made a career out of living in Beverly Hills, but is she getting ready to move it all to Vegas? Rumors have been swirling that the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”  star secretly sold her beloved Villa Rosa estate to focus on her ventures in Sin City.

Vanderpump, 62,  recently announced that her West Hollywood restaurant, Pump, is closing, but she still co-owns the local eateries SUR and Tom Tom. She also founded the Vanderpump Dogs rescue. She also owns several spots in Las Vegas, and the most recent season of “Vanderpump Rules”  featured multiple scenes set at her Vegas bars as well as the introduction of one of her employees, Oliver Saunders.

Podcast Host Ryan Bailey Said He Heard Lisa Vanderpump Sold Villa Rosa Off-Market


Lisa Vanderpump has lived at Villa Rosa since her early days on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” According to Refinery 29, in 2011, Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, paid $11,995,000 to purchase Villa Rosa —and the 8,800 square foot, five-bedroom, eight-bathroom mansion was actually a downsize from their previous place.

But on the May 29, 2023, episode of the “So Bad It’s Good With Ryan Bailey” podcast, host Ryan Bailey claimed that he was told that Lisa Vanderpump secretly sold Villa Rosa and he questioned if she’s moving to Vegas for a Sin City-based spinoff.

“Lisa seems to always be there,” Bailey said. “She’s hinted at opening another place in Vegas. Also, she let the lease go for Pump. And from all things that I’ve been thrown that Villa Rosa has been sold off-market. So why would she be selling her house, selling Pump?”

Bailey noted that Vanderpump already has multiple restaurants in Vegas and that she and her husband are getting older and may be ready to downsize further.

In a Reddit thread, one commenter claimed that Vanderpump’s former RHOBH co-star Dana Wilkey alleged on her YouTube channel that Vanderpump  was trying to sell Villa Rosa as a “pocket listing.” According to Rocket Mortgage, a pocket listing is an off-market real estate sale, or a property marketed through private channels, with no “for sale” signs or MLS listings.

On social media, fans reacted to the rumor that Vanderpump could be trading Villa Rosa for Vegas.

“I cannot imagine Lisa & her menagerie of animals moving to the oppressive heat of the desert that is Las Vegas on a full-time basis,” one Reddit user wrote. “Me neither but I can imagine LVP building biospheres with a/c and lush vegetation for them in Vegas,” another replied.

Others speculated that Vanderpump would never move out of Beverly Hills as long as her daughter, Pandora, and toddler grandson Teddy live there.  But others said Teddy could be the reason why Vanderpump potentially wants to move.

“Villa Rosa is beautiful. …But it is not child friendly,” one fan wrote, before referencing the “pond entrance” to the property. “She may be changing to a property that’s safer for kids. I know they have nannies etc but its still not a home suitable for small children and if Pandora is planning on more babies its possible they’re taking that into consideration.”

And other commenters noted that many wealthy people leave California for tax advantages in Nevada. “Older people flock to Vegas – for vacations and to relocate there. I can definitely see Ken and Lisa relocating full time to Vegas…. and it’s not that far to visit LA from Vegas either,” one commenter wrote.

“It actually makes a LOT of sense. Villa Blanca has closed, Pump is closing (and the lease owners says she owes a lot of back rent), she only owns half of Sur. She now has 2 restaurants in Vegas and it would make sense to move there if it’s a sort of tax haven,” another wrote.

Heavy has reached out to a rep for Vanderpump for comment but has not heard back as of this writing.

Lisa Vanderpump Once Described ViIla Rosa as One of Her ‘Favorite Places in the World’

Lisa Vanderpump has lived over the world. She was born and raised in London, according to Forbes,  but since marrying Todd in 1982, she has been all over the place.

“I have lived in London, the countryside of England, Monte Carlo, the South of France, LA and Beverly Hills,”  she once told CV Lux magazine.

But Villa Rosa remains one of her favorite places.  “Villa Rosa, our home, is one of my favorite places in the world,” she told fans in a post on her Very Vanderpump blog. “Every morning I wake up and look over the incredibly lush and isolated valley below my windows and I can’t help feeling happy, humbled, and grateful. Villa Rosa is a lush oasis, nestled into the rolling rises of Beverly Hills – it feels like it’s in the middle of the countryside and yet it’s only 5 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the town below.”

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