Is Luann De Lesseps Still with Her Personal Trainer Boyfriend?

Getty Luann de Lesseps

Garth, Garth, Garth! “Real Housewives of New York City” star Luann de Lesseps made quite an impression during the season trailer with her new beau, but unfortunately, the two are no longer together.

De Lesseps announced in November 2020 that she had begun dating a Hamptons trainer named Garth Wakeford. The blonde hottie even makes his reality tv debut in the trailer. “Meet Garth,” de Lesseps tells the group as she introduces him. “Garth, Garth, Garth, it’s always Garth,” fellow cast member Sonja Morgan complains after de Lesseps answers his call at a group dinner, as seen in the RHONY season 13 trailer.

But it looks like the romance was more of a fun fling. “Garth and I stopped dating before the holidays and I only wish him well,” she told Page Six on April 2. Since then, de Lesseps reaffirms that she is single and ready to mingle.

“You’ll see him on this season actually of the show, but he and I, we’re on and off, let’s put it that way,” the 55-year-old mom of two recently told Dear Media’s podcast “We Met At Acme” with host Lindsey Metselaar. “So I’m still very much single.”

De Lesseps Set the Record Straight on Cheating Rumors

Before de Lesseps announced her breakup from Wakeford, cheating rumors surfaced. Cheating allegations circulated in April when the celebrity gossip account Deux Moi claimed that Wakeford was cheating on de Lesseps with a Hamptons local, “on the side.”

Wakeford himself addressed his cheating allegations. “Regarding this girl, we have no relationship,” he told Page Six. “She came to my exercise class once. We follow each other in Instagram and that is it.”

De Lesseps also makes it seem like the two ended terms on a somewhat friendly note. She still referred to Wakeford as a, “nice guy,” on the episode of Dear Media’s podcast “We Met At Acme” with host Lindsey Metselaar. “Even if it’s not somebody that’s going to be in your life forever, sometimes people come into your life for a reason.”

De Lesseps Spilled the Tea on How They Met

Many fans asked de Lesseps the ultimate question of how it’s possible to meet someone in the most antisocial time in decades. De Lesseps and Wakeford first met in August 2020, shortly before the RHONY ladies began filming. As for how the two met, it certainly wasn’t a black tie event. They originally met via the popular dating app, Hinge.

While the two are no longer happily dating, at one point, de Lesseps seemed quite smitten with the South African hottie.

“He lives locally in the Hamptons,” she shared on an episode of the “Ex Appeal” podcast in November. She added that when she first saw him on Hinge, she thought, “Oh, he is too good to be true.”

She decided to meet up with him and her worries vanished. “I said, ‘Oh, my God! He’s exactly what he looks like on the app,’” she joked. “He’s tall, he’s handsome, he looks like a Viking.” While she may no longer be chatting with Wakeford on Hinge, she assured fans on the “We Met At Acme” podcast that she’s still on dating apps…for now.

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