Luann de Lesseps Accused of Dining & Dashing on $700 Restaurant Bill

Luann De Lesseps 2019

Getty Luann de Lesseps in 2019.

Luann de Lesseps, star of “Real Housewives of New York,” is being accused of racking up a $700 dinner bill and then leaving without paying.

According to a Real Housewives Instagram blog, bravobravoduckingbravo, Luann dined at Le Diplomate in Washington, D.C., but never paid her bill. The post is riddled with eye-witness accounts from fans who claim to have witnessed the whole encounter.

Here’s everything we know:

Luann Is Said to Have Dined at Le Diplomate After Her Cabaret Show

According to the Instagram blog, fans sent messages of their observations from inside the restaurant, and one even included a photo showing a woman who looks similar to Luann is dressed in red.

“We went to Luann’s show in DC,” a fan wrote. “Saw her at ladiplimat in DC after the show. She refused to talk to anyone, told the manager she is a celebrity and had to seek refuge in their restaurant. They then racked up a 700 bill and walked out and never paid. The manager had to find out who she was to located her. Left the waiter with no tip on a 700 bill.”

Another fan agreed with the first fan’s assessment and added a few thoughts of their own.

“Yes!!! The manager said she walked in and said she is a celebrity and wanted a table. We told him her name and after she left without paying and he thanked us and said he would track her down.”

The blog later posted an update: “**UPDATE: The issue was picked up by a reporter and her team paid the bill and tipped after he contacted them.”

The reporter, Shawn McCreesh of New York Magazine, shared more details in a December 14 piece: “De Lesseps passed along this statement: ‘I enjoyed a beautiful dinner after my sold-out show at a great restaurant, with my team, and there was an unfortunate misunderstanding which was resolved immediately and “All I Wanted for Christmas?” was a seafood tower.’ (By ‘immediately,’ she means Monday — after my initial call to her publicist — per a copy of the receipt that was shared with me. She ultimately tipped 22 percent.)”

McCreesh also spoke with Brandy Blasko, a fellow diner at the restaurant who sat in the same section as Luann.

“They said they were going to smoke a cigarette, and that’s what they told their server, but they had taken all their stuff with them and they just left,” Blasko told McCreesh.

Luann Is Accused of Going ‘Psychotic’ on a Fan & Making Her Cry on Her Birthday

Another fan shared a story about Luann acting poorly before even getting to the restaurant.

The fan said her friend — who was celebrating her birthday — was selected to ask Luann a question during the Q&A portion of the show. That went well, she said, but “after the show is when the real drama began.”

“Before [Luann] dined and dashed, she went outside to smoke a cigarette and my friend (birthday girl) was also outside. She was like oh hi! remember me, great show, etc. Luann COMPLETELY went psychotic on her for speaking to her and went OFF on my friends so badly she broke down sobbing she was so upset. ON HER BIRTHDAY,” the fan wrote. “Just went off on tangents and totally verbally abused my friend who was the sweetest girl ever. Completely regret ever supporting her with ticket sales. Will never do that again. On the bright side – the restaurant (le diplomat)that was kind of ripped off could not have been kinder. They saw my friend in tears and gave us free cocktails.”

Another fan mentioned that one of Luann’s New York shows had been canceled at the last minute and that the venue said it was “due to ‘non covid illness.'”

“Somethings up!!!” they wrote.

At press time, Luann had not responded to the allegations. Instead, she posted an Instagram video thanking the city for coming to her show.

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