Fans Are ‘Uncomfortable’ With Luis Ruelas’ Gift to Gia Giudice

Gia Giudice Luis Ruelas

Bravo Gia Giudice and Luis Ruelas on RHONJ.

Fans are bothered by the gift that Luis Ruelas got for “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia.

Over the weekend Gia Giudice posted a photo on her Instagram Stories of a bouquet of flowers sent to her by her mother Teresa’s fiance.

“@LouieRuelas your awesome,” she wrote on the photo. In the photo, you can see the card attached reads, “Just Want To Tell You You’re Amazing.”

The fans were not impressed with Ruelas’ gesture.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Slammed Luis Ruelas for ‘Creepy & ‘Inappropriate’ Gift to Soon-to-Be Step-Daughter Gia Giudice

A Reddit thread titled “I guess the love bombing doesn’t stop at Tre” was made where fans discussed the gift Ruelas sent to Gia.

“Remember when Bethenny said she was unnerved by John because Dorinda was always trying to sell him? It’s giving that,” someone wrote. 

“Ew. I’m getting Brooks Ayers vibes,” a fan commented.

“The only thing worse than your friend/family trying to sell you on their new boy/girlfriend is when they try to do it directly,” someone else wrote. 

“They are selling him hard,” another fan wrote. 

“Oh god. Maybe it’s just me, but if I was an adult and my mother’s boyfriend/fiancé sent me a bouquet of flowers I’d be creeped the hell out,” a fan pointed out. 

“Yup. This is a huge [red flag] for me,” a fan said.

“Typical. An abusers attempt to: Manipulate and win over her support system so they think he’s amazing and she will sound and look crazy when she finally ‘comes to’ and complains about his behavior or try to leave,” someone wrote. “Manipulating her via her children.”

“Yes Gia, make sure you post a picture to social media so people will think he’s a great guy,” a fan commented.

“Wtf? Creepy a** boyfriend creeping on the daughter,” a fan wrote.

“Quite inappropriate,” another fan pointed out.

“This makes me uncomfy,” another fan wrote.

Despite several negative comments, there were several fans stepping in to defend Ruelas.

“Love bombing because he sent her flowers for a reason none of us know of? maybe she was having a crappy week? Or passed a difficult exam?” someone pointed out.

“Ok stop it. There’s nothing wrong with him sending her flowers,” someone said. “I would expect my imaginary step father to show some kindness towards me. It’s flowers.”

“I find him problematic and I don’t follow any of them on socials,” a fan wrote. “That being said, this is likely the week before finals for Gia and she’s probably stressed to the max. There’s a strong chance Louis knows this and is just trying to brighten her day.”

Gia’s Uncle Joe Gorga Asked Luis Ruelas About the Controversy Surrounding His Past Relationships

While celebrating a night out, Joe Gorga confronted Luis Ruelas about the rumors of his past alleged domestic violence and cheating. 

“So what’s up with the past?” Gorga said to Ruelas on the show.

“I got divorced when I was 35 and I was pretty confused. And then I went on to have a couple toxic relationships [with] desperate, thirsty, low-life exes,” Ruelas said.

“You could’ve been in a toxic relationship, but [the stories] are constantly coming” Gorga said. “There’s obviously some truth to those stories. Some of them, right?”

Ruelas denied any abuse but did take responsibility for other mistakes.

“The amount of sleepless nights I’ve had, you know, trying to manifest the right woman in my life, I just want to ensure you that I will always be there for her, I won’t let her down,” he said. “I will love her every second of the day because she deserves that.”

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Amanda Vanderbeek-Douglas
Amanda Vanderbeek-Douglas
15 days ago

” you’re “

Dawn Oliveira
Dawn Oliveira
16 days ago

Really? I think it’s sweet. My son buys his daughters flowers every time he buys them for his wife. It’s just flowers! Maybe she was down and needed some encouragement. People need to relax and stop reading into everything like theirs some ulterior motive other than just being kind. Flowers aren’t just for your love interest.

Vickie Martin
Vickie Martin
16 days ago

People are disgusting. What in the world is dirty and sinister about sending flowers? It was a lovely gesture and some of y’all need to get a freaking life. I’ve never seen such cancel culture nastiness, but it’s all out there. You people are just ugh.

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