WATCH: Another Old Video Luis Ruelas Made for a Girlfriend Surfaces Online

Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice.

Bravo An old video that Luis Ruelas recorded for a girlfriend has surfaced online.

Another video of Teresa Giudice‘s fiance Luis Ruelas has been posted online.

In June 2021, a controversial video of Ruelas became a hot topic of conversation online after it was shared by Bravo and Cocktails and later on Reddit. The video, taken at “warrior camp,” featured a shirtless Ruelas on a beach, professing his love for a now-ex-girlfriend.

“I’m coming home to see you, to get engaged and bring our family together and finally get married and have a life together. I’ve been here for a week, these are my brothers. These are my bond. He’s my brother, this is my coach Kevin. These are guys that are very familiar of my life. I love you. And I love our family together. I love our children. And I hope you receive this message well. Thank you. I love you,” he said in the video.

In the time since, another video has surfaced.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Original Video Had its Own Storyline on RHONJ

Ruelas’ past had made several “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars curious, and some started asking questions — especially Margaret Josephs.

“I think everybody was curious about the video. It’s not a nosy thing. People care about you and are concerned,” Josephs said on an episode of RHONJ, according to TooFab.

“What concern? I’ve been with him a year, there’s no concern. Whatever happened in Luis’ past, stays in his past. Whatever happens with me and Luis present and future, that’s all I focus on, that’s it,” Giudice responded. But, naturally, that wasn’t it.

Ruelas started to explain the video to the group, but Giudice cut him off.

“You’re talking behind my back about my boyfriend. I’ve been with him a year and you should be happy for me,” she said to Jospehs. She told Ruelas that he didn’t owe anyone an explanation. Nevertheless, he told the group that it was a breakup video, and said that he learned a lot from his experience as “warrior camp.”

There were a few people who were left even more confused — one of those people being Jospehs.

“The video we all saw, he was proposing and now he’s saying it was a breakup video?” she questioned during a confessional-style interview. Her questions and concerns about Ruelas came up throughout the season, but hit a fever pitch in Nashville during the cast trip. Giudice lost it and flung an entire table of plates and glasses in Josephs direction.

A Second Ruelas Video Is Make the Rounds Online

On April 27, 2022, a Bravo account called realmomsofbravo shared another video of Ruelas. Someone who runs the account said that the video was not sent to them by Josephs, and added several red flag emoji to the caption.

“It’s me,” Ruelas says, looking into the camera and then away. He’s wearing a backwards baseball cap and is sitting outside.

“I just wanted to thank you for everything. I wanted to thank you for… everything. Coming into my life, being here in these special moments with my family and with me and my children. And for making such a mark in me, you know? I really wanted to take this second just to acknowledge you. I’m so appreciative of you, and I really want you to know that,” he said.

“It just gives me extreme confidence to continue to manifest the things I want in my life. Because I’ve done that my whole life, but not in this part of my life. And all the pain, and… worth it. I’m very happy that I’m sitting here right now and… I didn’t run from my pain. I didn’t run from things that I need to learn in life. I leaned into it,” he continued.

“I sat in the fire for a long time. And then you came. Thank you,” he said, blowing a kiss before signing off.

Several RHONJ fans reacted to the video in the comments section and many called Ruelas a “creep.”

“CREEP-O-METER IS OFF THE CHARTS,” one person commented.

“He gives me creep vibes and something ain’t right,” someone else added.

“I just CAN’T with this one trick pony!!!! It’s alarming and so scary on so many levels!!!” a third comment read.

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