Jennifer Aydin Drops a Bombshell About the Evan Goldschneider Cheating Rumor

Bravo Jennifer Aydin (L), Jackie Goldschneider (C), Margaret Josephs (R).

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion may uncover a secret that could potentially ruin a friendship. On May 12, Bravo released the first sneak peek of the reunion, which will air in two parts; the first on May 19 and the second on May 26.

In the clip below, Aydin unleashes when talking about that pesky cheating rumor involving Jackie Goldschneider’s husband. All season, “RHONJ” fans were led to believe that it was Teresa Giudice who started the rumor. At the reunion, however, Aydin appears to blame fellow “Housewife” Margaret Josephs.

“You instigate, I retaliate,” Aydin says, as the camera pans from her to Josephs. “I’m trying to tell you,” Aydin continues, looking at host Andy Cohen, “that she is the cause of the rumor.” The camera shows Goldschneider’s face — she looks shocked — before focusing in on Josephs.

The rumor refers to the one that Giudice brought up during a birthday party for Evan. She went around to some of her friends and said that she heard that Evan has a wandering eye, particularly at the gym.

“Now, you’re gonna go down, Jennifer,” Josephs says. Both Dolores Catania and Melissa Gorga look surprised, but when the camera zooms in on Giudice, she cracks a small smile.

Here’s what you need to know:

Giudice Claimed That She Heard the Rumor From Someone Else Although Jackie Blamed Her

Giudice was very clear that she wasn’t the person to start the rumor, and that she had heard the rumor from someone else, though she never said who.

In an interview with Page Six back in February, Jackie said that she ended up feeling “guilty” about the whole thing since Evan isn’t even a part of the show. She said that she would have been okay if the rumor was about her, but that she felt that being “at the center of the drama was very unfair for him.”

“My main concern was that he was represented fairly and that there wasn’t even a question about whether he cheated on me. That was never a question for us. The only reason I was upset was because of her trying to spread a rumor — not because I ever questioned my husband,” Jackie told the outlet.

At that point in time, it seems as though Jackie completely blamed Teresa for starting the cheating rumor. “There wasn’t a problem in my marriage. It comes down to Teresa having a problem with me; I think that’s where it all stems from,” she said.

Now, with Aydin claiming that Josephs was the person behind the rumor, well, that changes things quite a bit.

Josephs Husband Fueled the Rumor During an Outing With the Guys

During a night out with the guys, Joe Benigno seemed to fuel the rumor that Evan was unfaithful to Jackie. Benigno was joined by fellow “House Husbands” Joe Gorga, Frank Catania, and Billy Aydin when the guys started talking about the rumor.

The guys were all drinking and having a good time when Frank decided to start a discussion about Evan. Frank asked if the guys believed the rumor or not. Benigno was the first to respond, saying that — though he didn’t have any concrete information on the matter — he also heard the rumor, separately from when Giudice brought it up.

“I heard no details but [the] rumor was that [Evan]’s got a girlfriend,” Benigno said. “And … I sort of heard the same rumors,” he added, according to Page Six.

The guys asked Benigno where he heard the rumor, to which he responded, “To be quite honest with you, at any given point during the day, there’s 10 girls in my house and none of them talk quietly.”

While all four men ultimately agreed that they didn’t believe the rumor, Benigno’s confession, for lack of a better word, really stirred the pot. Now that Aydin seemingly calls out Josephs at the “RHONJ” reunion, Benigno’s comment might make a little more sense.

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