Margaret Josephs Reveals Why She Wanted to Quit ‘RHONJ’

Margaret Josephs

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“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Margaret Josephs joined the show’s cast during its eighth season. During a May 2022 episode of Bravo’s “Housewife to Housewife,” Josephs shared that she had considered quitting the show for two reasons. She noted that former “RHONJ” star Siggy Flicker, who is Jewish, asserted that she was anti-semitic after she used Adolf Hitler as an example of a terrible person who may not show his true nature to some individuals when talking about her dislike of Kim DePaola in season 8, episode 10.

“My first season I wanted to quit because I was called an anti-semite by Siggy which was very, very upsetting. I was taken aback that someone would do something like that. But then I was like, I am not going to let this happen. Because A) it’s not true. I think that everyone rallied around me and I was like that’s unacceptable and I was like I’m not going to let her do that and thankfully, she was not back the next season, which I knew was going to happen because I knew she was weak sauce,” stated the reality television personality.

She went on to say that her ex-husband, Jan Josephs, is Jewish.

Margaret Josephs Spoke About an Incident With Danielle Staub

During the “Housewife to Housewife” interview, Josephs also shared that she wanted to leave the show after an altercation with “RHONJ” alum Danielle Staub. As fans are aware, Josephs poured water on Staub after they traded insults in season 10, episode 8. Teresa Giudice encouraged Staub to pull Josephs’ hair in retaliation.

“The next time was when my hair was pulled. My ponytail as dragged because it was orchestrated. I didn’t know that. Granted I did pour water on Danielle, she had chest bumped me previously. I did feel violated in my space, my reaction to that was – I probably shouldn’t have poured the water on her and at this point I was like this is not for me. I’m not doing this anymore. And I was like I’m not going to do it. It took me until the next morning to decide is this is for me,” stated the “RHONJ” personality.

Josephs Shared That the RHONJ Cast Agreed to Not Have Physical Altercations

Josephs had her fair share of issues with Giudice during the show’s twelfth season. Giudice was unhappy with her co-star for inquiring about her fiance, Luis “Louie” Ruelas’ past relationships. In season 12, episode 11, the mother of four accused Josephs of spreading rumors about Ruelas to bloggers. When Josephs asserted that Giudice was “a sick, disgusting, liar,” she responded by shoving plates and glassware at the fashion designer.

During an April 2022 appearance on the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast, Josephs revealed that the “RHONJ” cast decided to not have physical altercations after her incident with Staub.

“We agreed after the ponytail pull as a collective group that [Giudice] had orchestrated that we’re not going to behave this way anymore. And that we’re going to use our words and since that incident last year we didn’t have any physical altercations and that it happened this year, it’s very unfortunate,” said the mother of one.

The “RHONJ” star went on to say that she believed pouring water onto Staub was different than Giudice’s behavior in season 12, episode 11.

“Those were glasses and plastic and I could have gotten cut and other people could have and other people could have but it’s not good. And I don’t even want to hear that everything I do is violent. What I did was that only people could get wet,” said Josephs.

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Ginger Buss
Ginger Buss
29 days ago

I would love to see Margaret Josephs gone. She stirs up so much trouble and is such a backstabber. She speads vicious rumors and then denies doing it. I feel that she has really come between Teresa and Melissa who were actually in a good place. She has a big mouth and is so bossy to her husband. He is like her lap dog following her directions. Enough of her. After all these years, I just might stop watching the show.

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