RHONJ Alum on Margaret Josephs & Teresa Giudice’s Relationship: ‘Margaret Is Kissing A**’

Margaret Josephs

getty Margaret Josephs of RHONJ.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Margaret Josephs had issues with Teresa Giudice throughout the show’s twelfth season, which premiered in February 2022. Giudice was upset when Josephs inquired about a video that showed her now-husband, Luis “Louie” Ruelas begging an unidentified woman while on a beach surrounded by men. The fashion designer also mentioned that the father of two had abuse allegations against him. 

During an episode of the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast, uploaded on July 30, former “RHONJ” personality Kim DePaola claimed that Giudice and Josephs have made amends while filming the show’s upcoming thirteenth season. 

Kim DePaola Spoke About Teresa Giudice 

Teresa Giudice

GettyTeresa Giudice

While recording the “Behind the Velvet Rope” episode, DePaola claimed Josephs decided to be friendly with Giudice to remain on “RHONJ.” 

“You can not attack Teresa for too long and stay on the show so this is damage control. This is damage control as far as Teresa with Luis and Margaret as far as trying to stay on the show,” asserted the former Bravo personality. 

She also noted that Josephs and her mother, Marge Sr., were invited to Giudice’s August 6 wedding. 

“Teresa and Luis invite Margaret and her mother to the wedding because it’s being filmed, that’s why Dolores [Catania] is in the wedding, that’s why — well, Jen [Aydin] and her are real friends — and they are invited to the wedding because they want — knock it off about Luis and Margaret is kissing a** because she knows she has to do damage control and she wants to stay on the show. That’s the bottom line. Again, I’m going to say they give Teresa too much power,” stated DePaola. 

She went on to say that she believes Ruelas requested Giudice to be “softer” while filming “RHONJ” season 13. 

“The hit was on him, not Teresa. So he’s like ‘let’s make up with Margaret’ and then Margaret got the key from the producers, lay off Luis, so it was a combination of things,” said DePaola. “And then as soon as Margaret knew the door was open to Teresa accepting it, she flew right in, let’s kiss a** ASAP, you understand, let’s use this moment and that’s why she was helping Teresa walk down the street and holding her hand. And all that kind of stuff, you know, they had to know the door was open, so it’s a combination of things.”

Margaret Josephs Discussed Her Relationship with Teresa Giudice in July 2022

Margaret Josephs

GettyMargaret Josephs in 2018

Josephs spoke about her relationship with Giudice during a July 2022 interview on Jeff Lewis’ radio show, “Jeff Lewis Live.

“I got invited to the wedding, so things are definitely better. You know, it’s funny ’cause Teresa and I, the last year we had a very tumultuous relationship, we were very close prior to that, so I think, you know, we’ve worked through some things. Her and I said we are taking baby steps, but I only wanted good things for her even though she didn’t realize that at first,” said the fashion designer. 

She also shared that she was impressed with her “RHONJ” co-star’s work ethic. 

“She works harder than anyone I know and I’m not just saying that. She will show up, deliver. She’s beautiful with the fans and she just doesn’t complain. She never complains about working hard. She’ll get up at the crack of dawn. She never makes one feel less than who she works with. And I have to give her a lot of props for that because a lot of times you are tired, you don’t want to show up,” shared Josephs.   

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