Margaret Josephs Thinks Teresa Giudice Could Benefit From Therapy

Margaret Josephs, Teresa Giudice.

Getty Images Margaret Josephs thinks Teresa Giudice could benefit from therapy.

It’s no secret that Margaret Josephs and Teresa Giudice don’t always get along. On season 12 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the two women butt heads more often than not, mainly because Josephs was not shy about asking questions about Giudice’s fiance, Louie Ruelas, and that ticks Giudice off.

During a cast trip to Nashville, Josephs and Giudice’s simmering feud hit a fever pitch. On the April 12, 2022, episode of the show, Giudice loses it, and things got ugly. Ruelas’ odd video was brought up in conversation once again, making Giudice automatically annoyed. When Josephs called her a sick, disgusting liar,” Giudice couldn’t contain her anger any longer.

Giudice stood up in a fury, pushing all of the plates and glasses that were on the table in front of her in Joseph’s direction. Josephs proceeding to call Giudice a “f****** b**** while Giudice got up and left the dinner, not returning to the house where the group was staying.

The next night, Giudice decided to apologize to Josephs, but that didn’t go over well, either. After the apology, which Josephs didn’t think was genuine, Giudice made a comment about Josephs weight, saying that she “always eats dinner.”

Suffice it to say, Giudice and Josephs aren’t on the best of terms. During an interview on Us Weekly’s “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast, Josephs opened up a bit more about her relationship with Giudice — and shared what she would like to see from the mother of four.

Here’s what you need to know:

Josephs Dodged a Question About Being Friends With Giudice & Suggested That She Should Go to Therapy

On the April 20, 2022, episode of the “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast, Josephs opened up about Giudice. When she was asked if she wanted to “have a friendship with Teresa,” Josephs didn’t hold back.

“I tried. I tried, and I think that I even tried after everything she’s done, and she wasn’t as receptive. I mean, it’s on her, that’s not on me. That is not on me… Listen, you know what I’d be open to? If she really worked on herself. That’s what I’d be open to,” Josephs said.

“I’m talking about real life therapy… I think she could do whatever works for her. I think it’s about her, not about me. She doesn’t have to do anything for me. I think it’s about self-reflection,” Josephs said.

Josephs Slammed Giudice’s Apology

In addition to saying that she thinks Giudice should go to “real life therapy,” Josephs also talked about the apology that Giudice gave her while they were in Nashville.

“I think Melissa is so jaded to the way that Teresa apologizes,” Josephs told Us Weekly when asked about Melissa Gorga’s reaction to Giudice’s apology at dinner.

“At our age, you should know how to apologize,” Josephs said. “It’s just like, ‘I’m sorry for my behavior.’ I’m not begging for an apology, it’s ridiculous. Don’t give up some lame excuse,” Josephs continued, adding, “You give a lame apology and then you insult me and body shame me… it’s so rude and degrading, and you think it’s funny. It’s not cute.”

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