Margaret Josephs Responds to Backlash From Her Will Smith Oscars Tweet

Margaret Josephs

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Oscars viewers were shocked during the 94th Academy Awards ceremony when Will Smith strode on stage during Chris Rock’s bit presenting the award for “Best Documentary Feature” and struck Rock across the face.

Rock had just made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith at the 94th Academy Awards and while the U.S. broadcast muted the sound afterward, foreign broadcasts showed that Rock reacted by saying, “Wow, Will Smith just smacked the s*** out of me. Wow, dude, it was a G.I. Jane joke.”

After sitting back down, Smith yelled at Rock, “Keep my wife’s name out your f****** mouth.” Needless to say, viewers were quick to react on social media with shock. “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Margaret Josephs was one of those people, and her reaction post criticized Smith’s actions.

“Wow so disappointed in Will Smiths behavior tonight,” she wrote on Twitter. “@chrisrock is a class act he handled himself with true professionalism . Amazing the way he kept it moving #Oscar.” However, quite a few RHONJ fans didn’t agree with Josephs’ take and called her out in replies, prompting her to clap back.

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Josephs Received a Lot of Criticism From Fans Who Said She Showed Similar Behavior on RHONJ

Josephs was called out by many RHONJ fans for her tweet, many of whom accused her of having also gotten physical during the past on the hit Bravo show. Fans will remember the 9th season of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” when Josephs shoved Danielle Staub’s husband at the time, Marty Caffrey, into the pool at Jennifer Aydin’s.

“I know this chick did not just put her two cents in,” someone wrote. “is she.. serious right now?!” Another reply stated, “YOU have no right to judge other people’s behavior after some of the things that you have said.” One person agreed, “Think you should take a look at your own aggressive behaviour before throwing stones.”

“How are you applauding another person,” one Twitter reply stated. “Who made fun of Jada’s sickness on live. Like seriously you get violent on tv, but this is where you draw the line. Have several seats.” Someone wrote, “Coming from the women who throws wine water and pushes people in the pool. He was defending his wife.”

In a Reddit thread discussing her reply, someone commented, “A lot of Housewives have no right to chime in on this one lol. Slapping, glass throwing, and hair pulling are all classic HW moves.” One person wrote, “she LOVES painting this narrative that she’s so anti-violence. like slapping someone for saying something offensive is just as violent as throwing red wine on someone or pouring water on someone for a stupid petty comment.”

Josephs Replied to the Criticism & Said the 2 Situations Are Different

Josephs responded to one fan’s comment, which said, “Girl, like you weren’t pushing people in the pool and being violent your own self on national tv save the righteous act.” The RHONJ star wrote, “I’m on a reality series that’s for entertainment lol not the Academy awards the most prestigious stage in the arts. Flattered you compare the two.”

However, Josephs’ reply did not put an end to the criticism and fueled even more harsh words toward the Bravo star. “So it’s ok and not disappointing when you assault people on national tv because you’re doing on a reality tv show?” one person wrote. “Your ability to make your double standards and hypocrisy sound logical is a masterclass in delusional thinking!”

Someone else stated, “So apparently Marge thinks assaulting someone is ok if you’re on a reality tv show but a man smacking another man for disrespecting his wife is not ok bc he was at an awards show. Ok.” Yet another reply said, “Now Margaret you have to know better than this. Ur reality series doesn’t require you to do violent & unacceptable things for entertainment. That’s a choice. You have too big a platform to even tweet abt this considering your actions. It’s not a good look.”

“Your deflection is on point it doesn’t matter what kind of stage it’s on,” one person told Josephs. “Reality tv or not no one is comparing the stage we’re comparing the action. Big difference this shows your own delusion.”

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