RHOBH Husbands Under Fire Following Controversial Scene

Mauricio Umansky and PK Kemsley

Getty Mauricio Umansky and PK Kemsley.

Two “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” husbands are in the hot seat following a scene from the Bravo reality show that did not sit well with viewers.

In a scene from the July 6 episode, titled “Calamity Jayne,” a drunken Erika Jayne was seen talking inappropriately to two of Garcelle Beauvais’ sons. After Beauvais’ eldest son, Oliver Saunders, turned down her flirtations, Jayne cursed at her co-star’s 14-year-old son, Jax Nilon. “Get the f*** out of here,” Jayne told the teen as he gathered flowers from a table. “Get the f*** out of here before you get in trouble.”

In another scene from the episode, posted by Queens of Bravo, Beauvais’ RHOBH co-stars Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley talked about the incident with their husbands Mauricio Umansky and PK Kemsley. Richards laughed about Jayne telling Jax to “go f*** off,” then said, “I mean it’s not funny, but it is funny.”

“I think it’s great that she did that,” Umansky said of Jayne as he burst into laughter.

The group agreed to give Jayne a “pass” amid the ongoing divorce and legal drama that has consumed her life since 2020, and they said they liked seeing the new “loose” side of her.

“She’s entitled to a blowout,” PK Kemsley said.  “She told Garcelle’s young one to f*** off, the next one she tried to bang on him, that’s a blowout. This sounds like ‘Animal House.’”

After Richards was hit with backlash for the scene, she addressed critics on social media.  “I was laughing about a friend’s drunken, ridiculous behavior, NOT about disrespecting someone’s child,” Richards wrote. “I think you know me better than that by now. I wasn’t even there to see this and only heard about Erika and what she had said later.”

RHOBH Fans Reacted to the Controversial Scene & Slammed the RHOBH Husbands in Particular

As Richards explained her stance on social media, viewers lashed out at the RHOBH husbands for laughing off Jayne’s interaction with Beauvais’ teen son.

In a lengthy Reddit thread, fans blasted the RHOBH husbands’ behavior.

”Mauricio has lost all his charm and PK never had any,” one Redditor wrote. ”Seeing them laugh off a 14 year old child be verbally assaulted. You don’t even have any skin in the game so why do that? Yeah, these two are f***ing done… If they’re okay with saying this shit on camera, what the f*** do they say or excuse when there’s no camera’s around?”

“PK never had any charms to me after panty-gate and Mauricio seemed cool but this is just gross,” another agreed.

Other viewers called the RHOBH husbands’ behavior “disgusting.”

“Mauricio and PK give off overindulged frat bro energy,” another wrote, adding that they are always “making fun” of people.

A few viewers even threatened to boycott “Buying Beverly Hills,” Umansky’s upcoming Netflix reality show about his successful real estate empire.

“Netflix just gave him a show, too. This isn’t the kind of press they typically suggest you do, Mo,” one viewer wrote.

Fans Got a Laugh When the 2 Couples Got Together Last Season & PK & Mauricio Went Off on Erika Jayne

#rhobh : PK & Mauricio Suspect Erika Jayne’s Lying During Dinner2021-11-01T20:01:08Z

Some fans compared the new clip to a memorable season 11 scene featuring the Umanskys and Kemsleys having dinner together and having a laugh at Erika Jayne’s expense.

“They saw that last years [scene] was a hit with fans and they tried to recreate it and didn’t think it was crass to laugh at a 14 year boy getting cursed out by a fraudster, liar and cheat,” one commenter wrote. “You don’t mess with anyones kid and a black kid and his mama.”

In the season 11 episode, “A Tale of Two Accidents,” Umansky and Kemsley were featured in a dinner party scene as they gossiped with their wives. In the clip, the two men made fun of a story in which Erika Jayne claimed that her elderly ex-husband, Tom Girardi, confronted a burglar at his California mansion and that her police officer son went to check on his stepfather and ended up flipping his car multiple times on snowy roads in Pasadena. The story came after Jayne’s previous story about her ex-husband flipping his car outside of their home and her claim that he was left unconscious for 12 hours before getting surgery on his broken ankle.

During the dinner party, Kemsley speculated that Jayne’s wild stories were part of a “coverup,” and he said the chances of two family members having car rolling accidents was practically impossible. He also ripped Jayne’s decision to have doctors operate on Girardi’s ankle and not his brain due to his age. Umansky was in tears with laughter as Kemsley noted that Girardi was a lawyer and “not a soccer player.”

At the RHOBH reunion, Jayne revealed that it “hurt” her to watch that dinner party chatter. “To watch the four of you mock my life and mock my family really hurt me,” she told her co-stars, per Hollywood Life. “That sucked.”

Umansky later revealed that all was good with him and the “Pretty Mess” singer. “I apologized, PK and I both apologized to her,” he told E! News. “And the reality is we weren’t making fun at her, of her, we were just in a conversation that was very funny.”

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