Are Melissa & Joe Gorga Headed for Divorce?

Joe and Melissa Gorga pose on the red carpet.

Getty Images Joe & Melissa Gorga.

Melissa and Joe Gorga’s relationship has been a stronghold in the Real Housewives franchise, but promos for the upcoming season of RHONJ paint a bit of a different picture.

Fans are expecting to see a different side of the Gorga’s love story, with some arguments appearing fairly intense. Ahead of the premiere, Melissa has spoken out about her marriage, admitting that she and Joe are “struggling.” The reality star admits that she’s not ready to move out of the house, but that things have not been easy.

“He likes things to stay the same. I’ve been with him since I was 24 years old. So I’ve changed and I feel like this is a scary part of marriage. Either you’re going to grow together or you’re going to grow apart. And I think we’re fighting really hard to grow together,” Melissa told Us Weekly. “It’s not easy. We’re struggling. I’m not sitting here telling you that, like, I’m moving out of my house today but we were struggling and we show it. … We’re fighting out of it,” she added.

Needless to say, the upcoming season of RHONJ may look a bit different when viewers peek in at the Gorga household.

Here’s what you need to know:

Melissa Gorga Admitted That the Upcoming ‘RHONJ’ Season Will Be ‘Very Raw’

While it’s not uncommon for things to get heated between the New Jersey housewives, there usually aren’t blow ups between the married couples who appear on the show. If fans had to choose one couple from the series that seems to get it right time and time again, it would probably be the Gorgas.

This season, however, the imperfections between two people are brought to light. Regardless of how crazy things get, Melissa maintains that she and Joe “still stand strong.”

“This season, it’s very raw. It’s very real. It’s very different this season for Joe and I. We’ve done very good for 11 years. We’re a great couple. We try really hard. We fight really hard for our family and it’s not easy to be on reality TV for 11 years and still stand strong,” Melissa told Us Weekly.

Melissa Gorga Opened up About Marriage Struggles in 2018

This is not the first time that Melissa Gorga has talked candidly about marriage struggles. Back in 2018, the mom of three admitted that things aren’t as perfect as they seem between her and Joe.

“I feel like a lot of people don’t know that, and look at us like we are the perfect couple, but we do argue a lot. We argue a lot because I am such a working girl now. And he’s truly very traditional and he’s breaking into it slowly, but just me being here in L.A. for four days, you know, he’s losing his mind. So it’s like a very hard struggle,” Melissa told Entertainment Tonight.

Melissa went on to talk a bit more about how her decision to work caused some serious problems with Joe. She admitted that it was a “struggle,” and even used the word “scary” when referring to what she and Joe were going through at the time.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere will air on Wednesday, February 17, at 9 p.m. Eastern on Bravo.

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