RHONJ Fans Want Petition to Remove Melissa Gorga From Show

Getty Images Fans want Melissa Gorga fired from RHONJ.

The new season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is off to a very dramatic start, and fans are already taking sides based on what’s happened in the first couple of episodes.

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, Gorga got into a physical fight with Jennifer Aydin. The two went back-and-forth about their past Instagram captions about one another, and the two stand up and continue yelling while moving closer and eventually getting in each other’s faces. Although the argument was broken up before anyone got hurt, the fight was one of the most talked about moments from the season thus far.

On March 2, 2022, a Redditor kicked off a thread about starting a petition to get Gorga removed from the New Jersey franchise. Several fans agreed with the original poster, and many seem ready to big Gorga adieu, but others felt that Gorga isn’t the person who needs to be let go from the franchise.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Don’t Like Gorga, but Others Would Prefer to See Teresa Giudice Leave RHONJ

Many fans have been debating how they’d like to see future seasons of RHONJ shake out, and while some are sick of Gorga, others have been very critical of her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice.

“Petition to get Melissa removed off of RHONJ,” the Reddit thread is titled.

“I can’t stand her she runs her mouth bad then cries about it,” one person responded.

“I’m signing. There is nothing iconic about her or any compelling storyline of her own. There really is no reason for her to be there. Being Teresa’s sister-in-law is all she has,” added another.

“Where do I sign lol,” a fourth comment read.

Interestingly, a lot of people came to Gorga’s defense, and suggested that Giudice should be the one who is let go — if they had to choose.

“Wouldn’t sign this petition, but would ABSOLUTELY sign one to get Teresa off the show,” one person wrote.

“Honestly, I’d kick Teresa off before Melissa. Teresa and Melissa bring chaos and that’s pretty much all they offer but Teresa is a hypocrite and a dumb twit,” another comment read.

Fans Criticized Gorga in Another Reddit Thread

Gorga was a huge topic of conversation amongst RHONJ fans following her argument with Aydin. A second Reddit thread started on March 2, 2022, was filled with critical comments about the reality star. Gorga wasn’t the only RHONJ star that was discussed, however, as fans seem to have issues with other cast members as well.

“[Melissa] brings nothing to the show. She has one tough girl episode every season and I’m over it. Her, Marge, and Jackie can go,” the original poster wrote.

“She just needs to take her gross husband and get outta here already,” one person commented.

“She needs to go, I just made a post. She spins every narrative to try and make Joe & Teresa fight,” added another.

“I agree! I was just thinking how do people not see how fake Melissa and Jackie are?! Also, there story lines yawn. Having said that, Bravos casting of NJ is great, proven by how many take sides between the groups,” a third person wrote.

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Lesa Sheridan Buckley
Lesa Sheridan Buckley
6 months ago

Why is everyone concerned about storylines, if they’re convoluted made-up just for drama, then you’re just watching garbage, I don’t want to watch a bunch of made up crap, or people that have nothing but major issues in their lives ( aka Tresa) if you get rid of Melissa, you would be getting rid of a big piece normalcy on that show, It needs normal! When it comes to Marge, she was the nasty one, and wrong, I get why she’s angry at Jen, but it wasn’t Jen that had the affair, Marge is the one that told her story to the girls, Jen expressed her opinion and to Marge chagrin it wasn’t flattering. Marge is angry because she thought everyone should understand her affair, she was caught off guard when someone expressed their disapproval. Got news for her, I don’t know too many wives that think that she’s the Pilar of virtue.. I’m with everyone that thinks if anyone should go, it should be Tresa, only because tired of her, prison, lady drama always… always the same, it’s constant drama.. Gia has more common sense than her mother… with that said no one should go! It’s the program!

Kelly Araujo
Kelly Araujo
6 months ago

Team Melissa,
Get Jennifer out, nasty b$&@h! She is a “major” shit stirrer.

Suzanne Catherine
Suzanne Catherine
6 months ago

Team Melissa. Jen & Teresa need to go. Both are 💩 stirrers.

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