Fans Slam Melissa Gorga for Comments About ‘RHONJ’ Casting

Melissa Gorga

Getty Melissa Gorga in 2019

Teresa Giudice has starred in “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” since its first season, which premiered in 2009. Her brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife, Melissa Gorga, joined the show during its third season. During a May 2022 interview on the “Mention It All” podcast, Melissa shared that she believed producers would have cast her on the show regardless of her connection to Giudice. 

“12 years ago, I was a 31 year old girl who had an opportunity, just like every other person in New Jersey at this point, I’m not even going to lie, they’ve hit every girl up in New Jersey, I’m not even kidding. The funny part is that people in the beginning like loved to say ‘oh it’s because of Teresa, it’s because of Teresa or you wouldn’t be here.’ I mean do they honestly think that if Teresa wasn’t on the show and Bravo came to interview Joe and I, we wouldn’t have made it on to the show, but all these other people would have? I mean I just feel like people are so silly when they say s*** like that,” asserted Melissa. 

On May 23, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of a post from the bravohousewives Instagram account that read, “Melissa Gorga says she would’ve been cast on #RHONJ even if she wasn’t Teresa’s sister-in-law” on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit. The Instagram post’s caption included quotes from Melissa’s “Mention It All” interview. 

“Melissa and Joe Gorga are equally delusional lol,” wrote the Reddit user. 

Bravo Fans Shared Their Opinions on Melissa Gorga’s Comments 

Several Bravo fans flocked to the post’s comments section to share their thoughts on the matter. 

“Then why pray tell wasn’t she cast with everyone else the first season? Teresa is insane but Melissa is delusional in her own way too,” wrote a commenter

“Who is she trying to fool?” added another

“She’s REALLY TRYING to create drama with Tre right before the new season I swear I think for sure her producers told her that she’s getting too much negative attention bc she doesn’t have a storyline (cough other than her dorter’s tumbling career 🥴 cough) and the easiest way for her to get a story is to beef with Tre,” shared a different person

“It’s official, melissa is delusional,” asserted an “RHONJ” fan

“This is exactly why I can’t stand Melissa. Yes there’s a lot of reasons to not like Teresa, but Melissa constantly throws digs at her completely unprovoked and then expects Teresa to treat her like a sister… she’s such a parasite lmao,” commented a Bravo viewer

“Then why wasn’t she? Melissa doesn’t have a personality. She’s just super shallow and materialistic,” chimed in a sixth commenter

Melissa Gorga Discussed Her Relationship With Teresa Giudice

During an April 2022 interview on Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap, Melissa discussed her relationship with Giudice. 

“I think everyone was rooting for us to be besties but sometimes that just doesn’t always happen and I think we’re honest with finally saying it hasn’t happened. It’s not going to happen and we’re both okay with that,” said Melissa. 

The mother of three suggested that she was upset that she was not included in Giudice’s bridal party for her upcoming wedding. 

“Of course, it was a little nudge when you find out that she was having all her other sister-in-laws that she just met and their husbands and like whatever. It was just like I was the only one who wasn’t going to be in it so of course, I’m like all right. But of course, I’m happy for her. And would I do it differently than her? Yes. But that’s me,” said the 43-year-old. 

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Cindy Burnham Claypool
Cindy Burnham Claypool
1 month ago

Honesty, if I had to choose between Thresa or Joe and Melissa, I would choose Joe and Melissa. Joe is a lot more entertaining then Theresa, and Melissa is a lot nicer then Theresa.

Robin Monroe
Robin Monroe
1 month ago

Gotta say when it comes to family there are no boundaries with all members yes I’m saying all of them so that means if you want Teresa to stand up for you and your husband more then maybe just maybe when you said to her you would do that as well umm maybe you should!!!! This whole season every episode Magret kept bringing up news and questions basically rumors to anyone and everyone she spoke to even your said speaking one time is ok but every single time she was with everyone is insane

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