LOOK: Fans Blast Meredith Marks for ‘Big Bird’ Outfit on RHOSLC

Meredith Marks

Getty Meredith Marks in 2021.

Fans ripped “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Meredith Marks for the purple feather outfit she wore on the show.

Meredith made a ripple online when she wore a purple suit adorned with massive purple feathers on Season 2, episode 15 of RHOSLC.

Here’s everything we know about the outfit:

Meredith Didn’t Want to ‘Ruffle Any Feathers’ but Her Purple Feather Outfit Did Just That ‘You Are Beautiful but This Outfit Is a No’

Meredith posted a boomerang of the outfit on January 2, 2022, with the caption, “Trying not to ruffle any feathers.”

Unfortunately, she did just that.

“You are beautiful but this outfit is a no,” a fan wrote of her on-camera outfit. “Awful sorry,” a different person wrote.

“What the hell is this,” someone else wrote. “Hard no,” another fan commented.

“Meredith. Mommy dearest. I love you but what,” someone wrote. “Yikes,” another fan commented.

“I typically luv her outfits,” a fan wrote. “This is just over the top for me.”

“Ummmm not a fashion statement at all,” a fan wrote. “It’s giving big bird,” someone else wrote.

“This is a joke right?” an Instagram user wrote.

“I love you so much but idk about this outfit lol,” a fan wrote. “I don’t think it would be as bad if it didn’t have the feathers on the feet. you’re still an icon either way.”

There was even a whole Reddit thread dedicated to fans blasting her outfit.

“It’s 2 days later and I’m still in shock that she looked at herself in the mirror and still went into public wearing this ‘outfit’,” a fan wrote on the Reddit thread. “Costume feathers clumsily pinned onto a normal blazer outfit, the weirdly large bell bottoms (with more feathers), the cheap cami shirt. Watching her clunk around in whatever we’re gonna call that was just to much to handle. And no one said anything about it?! I’m dying to know what the girls said about it in their confessionals. why did she wear this?!!”

Another fan wrote, “She’s gotta be trolling us.. right? I just kept thinking to myself ‘and Gizelle gets shit on for her fashion….'”

“I hated it,” another fan commented on Reddit. “She looked like she didn’t feel beautiful in it. It was like someone went to Hobby Lobby & bought a bunch of feathers & a glue gun & called it fashion.”

Of course, there were plenty of people who liked the outfit and weren’t afraid to share their positive comments on Instagram.

“ok FASHION ICON,” a fan wrote. “That color looks great on you,” someone else wrote.

“So iconic,” an Instagram user wrote.

Former RHOD star, Tiffany Moon, wrote, “Love this caption.” Meredith’s son Brooks wrote, “Big bird could never!!”

“Mega mega,” another fan wrote. “This look is FLOCKING amazing,” a different fan wrote.

“High fashion all day,” a fan wrote. “HERE FOR IT. KEEP SERVING THE LOOKS PLEASE AND THANK YOU!”

Meredith Says She Confronted Co-Star Mary Cosby After Racist Remark to Jennie Nguyen

On Season 2, Episode 14, “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” costar Mary Cosby shocked fans and fellow castmates when she “complimented” Jennie Nguyen on her “slanted eyes.”

“I later talked to Mary one on one in hopes that would be productive. I also made sure Jennie knew that she has my support,” Marks tweeted on January 2, 2022, after fans asked why she didn’t say anything to Mary in the moment. “Please be patient.”

This isn’t the first time Mary has been accused of making racist comments, she issued a public apology on December 12, 2021, for her controversial ‘Mexican thug’ comments.

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