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Meredith Marks

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“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Meredith Marks made waves on social media after her dinner argument with co-star Angie Kastanevas during season four episode three’s Palm Springs trip. Marks attracted a lot of attention as she screamed “You can leave!” at Kastanevas over the table, asked a waiter to remove Kastanevas from the establishment, and then walked away and ranted to Lisa Barlow, saying she knew rumors about Kastanevas that she wouldn’t want to come out.

Now, Marks is sharing her point of view from the Palm Springs dinner. In a September 22 tweet, Marks wrote, “I think I may have been possessed in Palm Springs #RHOSLC 🤣”.

Marks also stopped by the “Mention It All” podcast on September 20 to catch up on this episode and share what she had going on outside of filming that affected her mood the night of her dinner blowup.

Meredith Marks Felt ‘Emotionally Battered’ Rewatching RHOSLC Dinner Party

On “Mention It All”, Marks first explained why she didn’t invite Kastanevas to the Trixie Motel in Palm Springs with the rest of her castmates, saying, “I barely know Angie at the end of the day, she’s someone who had been around half a dozen times socially. I’ve never gone out with her one one-on-one or as couples,” Marks said before adding, “This was a little trip, a small, small trip about building trust, so why would I invite someone I barely know who has been very unpleasant to me thus far? It doesn’t make sense.”

Kastanevas still joined the trip as the plus-one of Whitney Rose, who never told Marks that she had invited Kastanevas. This caused tension between Marks and the other women throughout the day and eventually led to her fight with Kastanevas at their dinner on the first night of the trip (which Marks said Kastanevas was “asking for” on “Mention It All”).

During the episode, Marks tried to explain throughout her fight with Kastanevas that “There are things that are going on that are a lot f***ing deeper than this nonsense,” and in her “Mention It All” interview she explained exactly what she was referring to by this.

“That morning I had gotten the news from a friend of mine that her grandchild was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy,” Marks said, adding that she “felt like she failed as a friend” as she was busy planning for the Palm Springs trip while her friend tried to reach out to her in the days leading up to it. She said she made a point not to bring it up to the other women on the trip so as not to pull focus from the rest of the trip’s original intention of building trust.

Marks added in her interview that she felt “emotionally battered” rewatching the episode, including when Rose later in the car ride back to the Trixie Motel said that Marks was only bringing up her personal struggles as a “convenient thing” to get out of a confrontation.

Fans React to Meredith Marks ‘British Accent’ During the Fight

One aspect of the dinner party that had fans cracking up was Marks’ change in speech patterns during the fight with Kastanevas, which Heather Gay referred to as an “English accent”. After Marks posted a screenshot of her during the fight on her Instagram on September 20, many users pointed out her change in dialect, with comments reading, “I lost count of all the accents you were using” and “[Maybe you were possessed by] a demon with a wandering accent, though I appreciate the trip through various transatlantic-adjacent dialects 😂”.

Marks explained herself on “Mention It All”, saying, “Usually that happens on my second glass of wine. The British comes out. I don’t know why. It’s an odd thing, and if you notice my accent and vocal patterns change all the time because I pick up stuff from whoever I speak to.”

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