Michael Rapaport Goes In on Jennifer Aydin on WWHL

Michael Rapaport

Getty Michael Rapaport and Jennifer Aydin.

Looks like this Bravo superfan does not hold back.

During a February 22, 2022, appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” actor Michael Rapaport weighed in on what has been happening on this season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” explaining why he thought that Jennifer Aydin “had it coming.” During the season 12 premiere of RHONJ, Margaret Josephs revealed that Aydin’s husband, Bill Aydin, had a two-year-long affair with a pharmaceutical representative that he used to work with.

“Did Margaret go too far by announcing Bill’s affair, or did Jennifer have this coming after her treatment of Margaret last year?” host Andy Cohen asked Rapaport during the segment.

“Jennifer had this coming, I don’t like when people drag in relationship stuff, but Jennifer had this coming, unfortunately. I love Jennifer,” Rapaport responded.

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Aydin Admitted That She Understands Why Josephs Spilled the Beans About the Affair

Even though Josephs spilling the beans about the affair was upsetting for Aydin, she admitted during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she understood why Josephs did it. Throughout their years together on the show, Aydin and Josephs have butted heads, and Aydin has criticized Josephs’ own affair during seasons 10 and 11.

“I get why she did it,” Aydin told the outlet in an interview published on February 22. “I don’t think the way she went about it was right. Like, if she really wanted to do me a solid, she could have called me up and said, ‘Listen, I have this information. I’m going to bring it out. I’m going to say it…’ maybe giving me the opportunity to say to my own voice, in my own way. I was very ambushed and I felt like I was very caught off guard.”

Aydin also added during the interview, “Everything that I’ve done to Margaret has actually been in retaliation to what she’s done to me. It’s just, for some reason, the audience likes to start at me first. But if you could just backtrack to the core, to the beginning of it all, you’ll see that at the end of the day, it’s Margaret usually saying something to me where I say something in retaliation.”

Josephs Said That She Knew About the Affair for a While

During an interview with Page Six that was published on February 1, Josephs revealed that she had known about Aydin’s affair for a while, due to various rumors going around.

“I mean, I knew it to be true,” Josephs told the outlet at the time. “I’ve known for a long time. You’ve seen me in previous seasons; I hit a nerve, like, I’ve known this. I never wanted to say it.”

Josephs continued about Aydin, “I was like, ‘You’re not honest and you’re not honest with everybody.’ And it’s bad. And I think that’s why I had said it. Listen, I didn’t want to cut her to the core, and I did not want to hurt Bill. That’s not what the intention was. It was just like, wake up. This is not going to be happening.”

Viewers can catch all-new episodes of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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