Milania Giudice Praised for Kindness Toward Luis Ruelas’ Autistic Son

Milania Giudice.

Getty Images Milania Giudice receives praise for kindness to Luis Ruelas' son.

The third oldest child of Teresa Giudice is receiving praise on social media after she was seen holding hands with Luis Ruelas’ autistic son Nicholas at the Coldplay concert over the weekend.

Milania Giudice appeared in a few videos shared on her mom’s Instagram Stories on June 4, 2022, walking into MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, alongside Nicholas. Dressed in summer concert attire — Milania in a pair of brown slacks and a white, corset-style crop top while Nicholas was in a pair of gym shorts and a white T-shirt — the kids walked into the venue hand-in-hand ahead of their parents.

Shortly after the videos were shared by Teresa and Luis, fans took to social media to applaud Milania for being so sweet to her soon-to-be step-brother.

Here’s what you need to know:

Milania & Nicholas Have Grown Close in Recent Years

Milania and Nicholas have developed a great relationship over the past couple of years that their parents have been dating. After the concert, Milania shared some photos on Instagram, proving that she and Nicholas have a tight bond.

“Happy 21st birthday nick i love you @coldplay we love you,” she captioned the post. In one of the photos, she and Nicholas were hugging while standing outside the venue, both wearing big smiles.

Several people praised Milania for being so sweet and caring when it comes to Nicholas.

“Milania Giudice walking hand and hand with Louie’s son, Nicholas. He has autism and Milania is AMAZING with him. Milania has always been incredible with people who have special needs, as we saw with Jacqueline Laurita’s son,” someone wrote on Facebook.

“I remember Teresa saying that out of all her girls Melania [sic] may be the sassiest, but she’s also the one with the biggest heart and the most compassion,” another comment read.

“Milania was always so compassionate. She loved her grandparents, and her father is her world. What a beautiful family night they shared together,” a third person added.

“Milania is amazing. That young lady has a heart of gold,” a fourth Facebook user wrote.

“She has a special heart. We need more people in the world like this. Hopefully she finds a career path with special needs,” someone else commented.

The Giudice-Ruelas Families Were Celebrating Nicholas’ 21st Birthday

Before heading to the stadium, Luis, Teresa, some of their kids, and some friends posed for photos in front on Luis and Teresa’s new home.

“Celebrating Nicholas’s 21st birthday @coldplay concert!!!!” Teresa captioned a photo of the group. In the pic, Nicholas stood next to his dad and Milania cuddled in next to him, placing her hands around his waist. Nicholas had one arm around Milania’s shoulder.

Several people commented on the Instagram post, and some mentioned how loving and attentive Milania was to Nicholas at the show.

“Loved how Milania was gentle and loving with Nicolas in the story,” one person wrote.

“Milania has a heart of gold,” someone else said.

Other commenters wished Nicholas a happy birthday while some fans also commented on the “beautiful blended family” that Teresa and Luis have created.

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