Fans React to Lisa Rinna’s Comment About Most ‘Famous’ RHOBH Sister

Kathy Hilton, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards

Getty Kathy Hilton, Kim Richards, and Kyle Richards.

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are fired up over a comment Lisa Rinna made about two of her co-stars.

In the “RHOBH” season 12 episode, “We Need to Talk About Kathy,” Rinna recounted a meltdown she claimed that she witnessed while alone with Kathy Hilton. The socialite joined the cast of the Bravo reality show as a ‘friend of” the Housewives in season 11, while her sister, Kyle Richards, has been a main cast member since the show began in 2010.

In a confessional, Rinna claimed that Hilton began screaming about how she will “ruin” everyone on “RHOBH” and that her mission was to destroy her own sister, Kyle.

“She’s pounding the walls and she’s screaming [that] she made Kyle,” Rinna claimed of Hilton. “And she said, ‘I will destroy Kyle and her family if it’s the last thing I ever do.’”

“Kyle is way more famous and way more successful than Kathy Hilton has ever been,” Rinna said in a confessional, per Hollywood Life. “I think that it’s been hard for Kathy to have it all and then have her sister have more.”

RHOBH Fans Took Issue With Rinna’s Comment About the Sisters

Kathy Hilton, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards

GettyKathy Hilton, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards arrive at Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” series party.

On social media, fans had a lot to say about Rinna’s comment. Many of them took issue with the notion that Hilton is jealous of Richards because she’s more “famous” than her. But some fans noted that it’s actually middle sister Kim Richards who was the most famous before the family started on “RHOBH.”

The former child star was a main cast member on the Bravo reality show from 2010 to 2015, and then appeared as a “guest” several times after leaving the show. Kim has not appeared on “RHOBH” at all since 2020, when she made several cameos during season 10,  per IMDb.

On Reddit, one commenter noted that “Kyle isn’t even the second most successful person in her family, let alone the first.”

“Almost everything Rinna said about Kathy could be applicable to how Kyle feels about Kim, particularly the fame and success,” another wrote.

“It was Kim Richards who was the famous actress, not Kyle!” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Kim really was a star in the 70’s,” another wrote. “At the time, it was the most famous HW to come on. Kyle was never a star until HWs.”

“Kyle was only on like three seasons of Little House and the Halloween movie. Her only claim to fame. If it wasn’t for Kim, Kyle wouldn’t have had either role,” another wrote.

“Truthfully, only Kim Richards was authentically famous as a kid and into her early teens. She was very famous. Never heard of Kyle or Kathy until the world of reality tv came into our lives,” another chimed in.

Kim Richards Talked About Her Fame on the Very 1st Episode of ‘RHOBH’ in 2010

Ahead of the “RHOBH” premiere episode in 2010, Bravo posted a video titled “Meet Kim Richards” in which the incoming Housewives star talked about how she started out in showbusiness as a baby.

“I started doing commercials at 6 months old and I was on a television show called ‘Nanny and the Professor at the age of four that ran for about four and a half years,” Kim said. “And then I kind of just did every show there is —  ‘CHIPS,’ ‘Magnum [P.I.]”, ‘Police Woman,’ ‘Police Story,’ ‘Medical Center.’ I did every show there was. And then I became the Disney girl. I did 17 Disney films. I was the only one under contract to Disney since Hayley Mills was my age.”

In the “RHOBH” season 1 premiere titled, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wealthiness,”  Kim said in a confessional, “I was not just a child actress, I was the Disney girl … I was quite famous.”

She also recounted a story of going out to dinner with her niece, Paris Hilton, and hearing fans screaming her name as they exited the restaurant.

“And Paris looked at me like ‘Who are you?’ and they’re like ’Paris, don’t forget, she was here first!’” Kim revealed. “And I said, ‘Yeah, honey, step aside, I was here first.’ And they’re like, ‘Paris your aunt is an icon… she was there first!’”

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may grace
may grace
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Lisa Rinna is delusional thinking Kathy is jealous of Kyle!

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