Nene Leakes Unrecognizable in New Instagram Post

Getty Images/Instagram Nene Leakes.

Nene Leakes shared a new post on Instagram — and she looks totally different. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star took to the social media platform on September 16, 2021, to post a selfie that she took in her car after a “pampering” session.

“Pushing thru,” the reality star captioned the photo. It appeared as though she had her hair and makeup done, based on the shoutout that she gave to a stylist and a makeup artist in her caption.

Leakes, who has been grieving the loss of her husband, Gregg, for the past few weeks, said that she decided to go back blond as her way of adjusting to her “new normal.” She took to her Instagram Stories to show off her new look. “So, I played in dark hair long enough. Now that I’m having to adjust to my new life, my new normal, I thought I’d go back blond,” she said.

In addition to her long, blond hair, Leakes showed off some dramatic, sculptured eyebrows, and some long eyelashes.

Here’s what you need to know:

Leakes Said She’s ‘Trying to Keep’ Her Mind Off of Recent Events

Leakes’ husband, Gregg, died on September 1, 2021, after a battle with cancer. The two had been together through thick and thin, first married in 1997 but splitting in 2011, only to rekindle their love and remarry in 2013.

The loss of Gregg has undoubtedly been a challenge for Nene, as she is going through life without him by her side for the first time in years. In her Instagram Stories, Nene let her followers know that she had people coming to her house every day to try to keep her mind off of what happened.

“I’m pushing through, with a blond wig on,” she said. “I have good days and bad days. They say it’s normal, so, some days I’m up. Some days I’m down. Today, I felt like going to the salon, so that was good. I usually don’t go to the salon. I usually let people come to my house. So, today I decided to drive to the salon and actually sit in the salon with other women,” Nene said. “That was good — to be around other people,” she added.

Nene went on to thank her fans for all of their condolences and well wishes following Gregg’s death.

Nene Said She Was Using a ‘Beauty Cam App’ to Film Her Stories

Nene must have received a good deal of comments about her new photo — and the videos that she shared on her Instagram Stories, because she made sure to let everyone know that she was using a “beauty cam app.”

“For some of the people that are asking…I’m on a beauty cam app. Yes, this is my hair, yes this is my makeup…and I think sometimes when you add in the light, like in the daylight light, it makes you look real lighter, so I’m like that,” she explained. “I’m still a brown girl,” she added.

The majority of the comments on her new Instagram post were positive, but some social media users couldn’t help but point out just how different Nene looked.

“NeNe’s a beautiful lady but this pic to me looks altered air brushed and [too] much makeup,” one Instagram user commented.

“Is this a cartoon?” asked another.

“Who in the KAREN is this? She looks a mess, I’m sorry. This ain’t it!!!” a third person wrote.

“Don’t look like the same person,” added a fourth.

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