PHOTOS: Jill Zarin Trashed by Fans for RHUGT Premiere Look

Jill Zarin

Getty Jill Zarin in 2019

Fans ripped Jill Zarin for her “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club” premiere dress.

The ladies appearing on season 2 of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” attended a New York City premiere of the show, which airs to the public on June 23.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Think Jill Zarin’s ‘Cringy’ Dress for RHUGT Premiere Looks Like a ‘Hefty’ Trash Bag


Zarin posted a video of herself walking in the dress on Instagram on June 22 and fans commented their thoughts on her red carpet look.

“Boo.. this is too young for you, makes you look older and I love ya Jill.. this dress is wearing you!” someone wrote about the dress.

“Oh no. Not a look for you,” a fan commented.

“Nice hefty bag,” someone said. “That dress,” another fan wrote with a thumbs-down emoji.

“The dress reminds me of the purple quality street sweet wrapper,” someone else pointed out.

“Is that dress hot (sweaty) to wear? Those shoulders,” someone said.

“Not a fan of the dress,” a fan wrote. Another said, “It’s a bit cringy.”

“you will always be my favorite. That walk tho. Reminds me of you know who with the cockeyed eyes. Ramona Singer. Do over,” a fan wrote along with a vomit emoji.

“Jill, No. Just No,” someone simply wrote.

“Terrible dress! Looks like you are wearing a Hefty garbage bag. Sorry!” another fan said.

“Please horrible dress,” someone wrote. “No no no no no. Too old. Trying too hard. No,” someone else said.

“She looks ridiculous in that dress,” a fan wrote.

“That dress is awful!! Looks like a garbage bag!” someone said.

“OMG!! That dress is ridiculous,” another fan wrote.

“You’re too old for that dress. Dress more appropriately,” someone said.

“Sorry! Dress is horrid!” a troll wrote.

“Did you wear that on purpose?” someone asked.

“like you but this dressia really bad,” a fan wrote. “What in earth is Jill wearing?” someone else said.

“Hold up …. Are Nylons are coming back in style?!” a fan asked.

“Not one pretty leg in the bunch. When you are older feel free to wear your skirts a little longer,” a troll wrote.

Jill Zarin Says She Used to Be ‘Hypersensitive to Everything’ When She Was Previously on RHONY & Is ‘Medicated’ Now

It’s been many years since Zarin was featured on Bravo and she tells People that a lot has changed, namely her mental health.

“I’m medicated now,” Zarin told the outlet. “I suffer from anxiety and partial depression. I didn’t realize it before, but I wound up going to doctor and was prescribed medicine for it.”

Zarin was one of the first RHONY stars with her parting after season 4.

“When I was on RHONY, I would constantly talk about the show. If something was bothering me — say I was getting hate from the fans and I was upset about it — I would talk to Luann [de Lesseps], I would talk to Ramona [Singer], I would talk to my mother, my friend, my agent, my late husband, my daughter; it was 24 hours a day,” she told the outlet. “Others could let these things roll off their backs, but I had this ailment that prevented me from doing that. I was hypersensitive to everything going on around me and quite paranoid that there were things going on I didn’t see. It wasn’t healthy for me.”

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