Fans React to Picture of LeeAnne Locken with Julianne Moore


Getty LeeAnne Locken.

On August 8, 2022, former “Real Housewives of Dallas” star LeeAnne Locken shared several pictures originally published on Daily Mail with her Instagram followers. Some of the photos showed the Bravo alum posing with actress Julianne Moore and “Real Housewives of Toronto” star Kara Alloway during the Gowns for Good fundraiser, which was hosted inside the New York shop Sage and Madison. 

On August 9, a Reddit user shared one of the pictures from Locken’s Instagram post on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit

“My brain can’t comprehend that this is supposed to be Leanne Locken,” read the caption of the post. 

Reddit Users Shared Their Thoughts About the Photo 

LeeAnne Locken

GettyLeeAnne Locken in 2018

Quite a few commenters shared their thoughts on the matter. 

“These are two people cosplaying Julianne Moore and Megan Fox,” wrote a commenter

“That’s not her 🤣,” shared a different person

“I am so confused,” stated a Bravo fan

“The funny part of this post is that if you go through the other photos in the carousel she posted, she has a different face in literally all of them. Wild,” commented a Reddit user

“It’s not. It’s a virtual ‘person’ who could have been spit out by an AI. This person does not exist in real life,” chimed in a fourth person

Several commenters shared that they believed Locken edited the picture. 

“What in filter is happening there. Like she’s an attractive 50 something woman, lean into that. This tuned and filtered to a 19 year old just looks stupid. Especially when some pics on her insta aren’t filtered to within an inch of her life,” asserted a commenter

“Y’all that’s a whole different face. Plus facetune. But she’s def had a lot more work done to soften her angles. The last season she started…I did not think it would go this far 😳,” added another

“Do people that use facetune think the rest of us are as blind and dumb as they are? I mean honestly, at this point it’s offensive lmao,” commented a Bravo fan

LeeAnne Locken Spoke About Her RHOD Exit in August 2022

LeeAnne Locken

GettyLeeAnne Locken in 2019

Locken exited RHOD after its fourth season. The series was canceled the following season. During an August 2022 appearance on Us Weekly’s “Getting Real With The Housewives” podcast, Locken shared that she believed she “was set up to fail every year” during the production of the show.

“The thing that the producers and Bravo never got about me is that I truly live the life of a phoenix, which means if I get to the end of my rope and I see no hope, scorched earth is my only policy left because I know I’m going to rise and that’s how I’ve always been,” asserted the 55-year-old. 

She also revealed that she thinks her presence on the Bravo series would have helped the show not get canceled. 

“I mean, you could look at it and see the numbers, I mean the highest-rated episode of season four was not either the reunion, people turned off the reunion. The highest watched episode of season four was my wedding, you know, people want a love story,” said the reality television personality. 

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