PK Kemsley Calls Out Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards Backs Him Up

PK Kemsley, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards

Getty Images Lisa Vanderpump and the Kemsleys disagree again.

A feud between Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Vanderpump appears to be well underway — and more people are getting involved.

On the June 22, 2022, episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Dorit Kemsley told host Andy Cohen that Vanderpump never reached out to her after the robbery that happened at her and her husband’s home in Encino.

“Listen, I’ve heard a lot of things. I heard that she reached out to me, thought she was blocked, so you never really know what to believe,” Dorit said. “I know this… If we had received the message, we would have responded. I don’t want to drag this LVP thing on, but three months, four months after the incident, we saw her. We were at a mutual friend’s 70th birthday party,” the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star continued.

Dorit told Cohen that Vanderpump didn’t come up to her at the party. “If you had sent a text message and you really cared, approach one of us and say, ‘How you doing? I sent you a text, I didn’t hear back.’ Nothing,” she said.

A social media back-and-forth has ensued.

Here’s what you need to know:

Vanderpump & the Kemsleys Disagree on Some Things

The concerns of a lost friendship started after Dorit’s appearance on the May 11, 2022, episode of “Watch What Happens Live.” The reality star said that she and her husband never heard from Vanderpump following a terrifying home invasion in which Dorit says she was held at gunpoint while her children slept in another room.

Vanderpump took to Twitter to share a screenshot of a text that she claims she sent to PK after hearing the news.

“Setting record straight… Of course I reached out to PK! And yes…after accident not a word…from any of them…but that’s ok, I had pillars of support,” Vanderpump tweeted, referring to the accident in which she was thrown from her horse and suffered a broken leg.

PK decided to respond, taking to Instagram to share a photo of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. He claims that he never received the text that Vanderpump screenshotted and shared online.

“I have bought in London’s best team to help me locate the text that LVP apparently sent …. Will keep you all informed of their progress,” he captioned the photo.

Things Are Getting More Confusing & Kyle Richards Has Gotten Involved

After hearing what Dorit said about her on the June 22, 2022, episode of WWHL, Vanderpump decided to share her side of how things played out.

“Misrepresentation of the facts, we crossed paths IRobert Earls 70th birthday party at Mr Chows… six months BEFORE her robbery… I was sitting between the birthday boy and
Mr Chow…she was in the other room.And no I didn’t speak with her,” Vanderpump tweeted, sharing a snap of her with restauranteur Michael Chow.

“Oh dear I think she’s confused again,” she added.

PK then responded on Instagram.

“FACT CHECK …. We saw LVP at my best friends bday party. She wasn’t on the bday boys table, he was with his family and we were not in the ‘other room’ no one was in the other room, we were on a younger table … it was a fun night … whose confused?” PK captioned a screenshot of LVP’s tweet.

RHOBH star Kyle Richards — who used to be best friends with Lisa Vanderpump — chimed in on the post.

“That’s what I was thinking. Robert Earl’s birthday is in May,” Richards commented on PK’s Instagram post, adding the woman shrugging emoji.

That isn’t the first time that Richards spoke out about the whole thing, either.

In an interview with Page Six, Richards called her ex-BFF “crafty.”

“Let me say, she’s very crafty, so I don’t know,” Richards said. “I mean, who am I inclined to believe? Obviously Dorit and PK.”

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Helene Clark
Helene Clark
1 month ago

From what I understand, they all had a falling out over Puppygate. Have they spoken to each other since? If no, then why are Dorit and PK so butthurt over the fact that LVP didn’t contact them?
It would be like SJP and Kim Catrall. When Kim’s brother died, SJP posted a message of condolences and Kim blew up at her. I can see Dorit doing that.

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