Portia Umansky Shows Off Her Self-Defense Skills in New Video

Alexia Umansky, Portia Umansky, and Kyle Richards.

Getty Images Portia Umansky has been taking self-defense classes.

Portia Umansky has been spending some of her free time working on her martial arts skills. The daughter of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards was tagged in a video that was shared by her instructor Brie Zepeda, who has been working with Umansky on self-defense.

“TACKLE DEFENSE: Advanced. Of course the best route is to stop the tackle before the attacker grabs a hold of you, we know this. BUT what if the attacker successfully grabs onto you? There’s a few ways to defend this, but the starfish defense happens to be my absolute favorite,” Zepeda captioned a video of her and Umansky on the mat.

Here’s what you need to know:

Umansky Successfully Took Down Her Trainer

In the video, Zepeda explains that the move that she has been practicing with Umansky will help a person if they are being attacked. Zepeda steps on the map and grabs Umansky at the waist, but using the tackle defense techniques that the teen has learned, she was able to take Zepeda down to the map, landing on top of her and ultimately breaking free of the hold.

The successful takedown ended in giggles for both Zepeda and Umansky, as they both rushed over to stop the video after recording the exercise.

Umansky’s mom shared the video on her Instagram Stories shortly after it went up, clearly proud of the work that her daughter has been doing. Umansky also got support from her older sister, Alexia Umansky, who dropped by the comments section of the post writing, “Yessssss!!”

Portia Umansky Has Wanted to Follow in Her Mom’s Footsteps

Richards’ four daughters all have their own dreams and aspirations, but Portia Umansky, 14, is the only one who has really shown an interest in acting. The youngest Umansky has been featured on various episodes of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” since she was young, but doesn’t seem to have too much of an interest in reality TV, but has expressed wanting to do some scripted work.

During an appearance in 2018, Richards opened up a bit about taking her daughter to auditions.

“I’ll take her to auditions and I’m sitting with all these moms and it’s really awkward too because [they’ll recognize me from] ‘Housewives,’ so I’m like, ‘hello,’ I get so nervous … I’m embarrassed at how I act,” Richards said, according to Page Six.

“I’ll be like ‘How did you do?’ and Portia’s like ‘I’ll tell you in the car’ then I’m like, ‘Did they laugh?’ and she’s like, ‘Mom, I will tell you in the car,'” she explained.

“She just has such a good attitude about it and she’s very good at it, she’s screen tested [and] she gets callbacks all the time but she hasn’t booked it yet so now I start getting like, ‘is she going to start [getting] sad or nervous?’ But she just goes and doesn’t even ask about it again so I think she thinks this is the job,” Richards added.

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