Portia Umansky Trends on Twitter After Controversial RHOBH Clip Is Released

Portia Umansky, Kyle Richards

Getty Images Portia Umansky is trending on Twitter.

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s daughter Portia started trending on Twitter shortly after a controversial clip from the upcoming episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was posted online.

Bravo published a preview for episode 9, which is set to air in full on Wednesday, July 6, 2022. In the clip, the women are at a party for Garcelle Beauvais’ birthday. Dorit Kemsley and a drunk Erika Jayne are hanging out together on a couch when Erika decides to openly hit on Beauvais’ 31-year-old son, Oliver.

While Beauvais didn’t seem overly bothered by Erika’s antics and Oliver seemed amused, it’s what happened next that got fans talking. As Beauvais is leaving the party, Crystal Minkoff asks if she wants the floral centerpiece. Beauvais’ other son, Jax, walks over to the table where Kemsley and Erika are sitting to grab the flowers, and Erika asks him what he’s doing there. He responds “flowers” to which Erika says, “get the f*** out of here.”

Jax tells his mom what Erika said and she comes back in the room to let Erika know that speaking to her son like that is unacceptable.

So, what does any of this have to do with Portia and why is she trending on Twitter?

Here’s what you need to know:

Someone Sent Beauvais a Clip of Kyle Richards’ Reaction to What Erika Said to Jax

Sometime after Bravo released the episode 9 preview of RHOBH, another clip surfaced online. This one showed Richards bringing up what Erika said to Jax to her husband, Kemsley, and her husband PK.

“Did you miss when Erika said to Garcelle’s son, the 14-year-old, to ‘go f*** off’?” Richards asked, laughing. “I mean, it’s not funny but it is funny,” she added.

“I think it’s great that she did that,” Umansky said, cracking up laughing.

Richards went on to say that she likes seeing the “laid back” side of Erika, to which Dorit said she agreed “100 percent.”

“It’s really why I can give like a major pass — and, of course, it’s not my child — you know. She had a few drinks. She doesn’t get like that… I don’t think I can ever remember a time where she was that loose and free,” Kemsley said.

Someone tweeted the clip to Beauvais, asking if she’d seen it.

“Nope never saw this scene until now,” she responded, adding an angry face.

Portia Started to Trend After the Clip of Kyle Was Shared

Some RHOBH fans were quick to notice that the name Portia was trending on Twitter on July 4, 2022. As it turned out, several people were talking about Richards’ daughter, many saying that if things were different, and someone had told Portia to “get the f*** out of here,” and other cast members laughed about it, Richards wouldn’t be too happy.

“Mind you Portia and Jax is the same age but I bet you the reaction would’ve been completely different had it been Portia and not Jax,” one person tweeted.

“You, your husband, faux rich grifters PK and Dorit, are ALL TRASH. You were all laughing it off at the fact that Erika told Garcelle’s son to F off. So if Garcelle said that to your daughter Portia, you would be fine with Garcelle laughing about it?” someone else asked Richards, tagging her on Twitter.

“I’m fuming mad and this isn’t my child! Disgusting behavior from all parties (Kyle, Mo, PK, Dorit, Erika). If Erika propositioned Farrah, and violated Portia, Kyle would have a meltdown that would last years. I’m sorry you have to work with such awful people,” a third tweet read.

“If anyone spoke to Portia, Jags or Phoenix the way EJ did to Garcelle’s son, I highly doubt they would give her a pass because she’s never loosened up like this. Heck, if Garcelle had done this, Kyle & Dorit would use it the whole season. They’re so damn phony,” echoed a fourth Twitter user.

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Anna Lawler
Anna Lawler
29 days ago

Kyle is two faced. It’s ok for Erica to get a pass for what she said about Jax, a 14 year old boy. When Sutton says something about Diana, Kyle jumps right in to tell Sutton how wrong she’s is for saying that Diana is soul less.
Kyle talks about leaving the show. Well I think it’s about time. She has no storyline. All she does is stir the pot and instigates trouble. As far as Mauricio is, he doesn’t deserve his own show nor his daughter’s. PK and Dorit your about as classless as they come.
Erica, Kyle, Dorit, Diana all need to go.

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