PK Kemsley’s Ex-Girlfriend Shopping a Tell-All

PK Kemlsey and Rachel Uchitel

Getty Images Rachel Uchitel is shopping a tell-all book.

PK Kemsley’s ex-girlfriend is ready to tell all, according to a report from Page Six.

The “Real Housewives” husband — who is married to Dorit Kemsley — may or may not be mentioned in Rachel Uchitel’s book, which is being shopped by a “top agent,” according to Page Six.

Uchitel has previously discussed losing her husband Andy O’Grady in the 9/11 terror attacks in New York City. She is also known as the first mistress of legendary golfer Tiger Woods to be exposed by the media. A source told Page Six that both of these life events will be discussed in the tell-all if the book gets picked up.

“Everyone thinks they know her story, but they really don’t,” a source told the outlet.

It is unknown if Uchitel will discuss her relationship with PK. The two dated years before PK married Dorit — and Uchitel has openly talked about their romance before.

Here’s what you need to know:

Uchitel Met PK While She Was Working in NYC

Uchitel opened up about her dating history during HBO’s documentary called “Tiger.” She explained that she met PK while she was working at Tao in New York City.

“He was a bottle service customer. Listen, he’s got a great personality. He broke me down. He was just a friend for a year and then I totally fell in love with him. I know it sounds crazy. I fell head over heels and couldn’t get enough of him. I spoke with an accent, which is crazy,” she previously said, according to Us Weekly.

In an interview with Heather McDonald on the “Juicy Scoop” podcast in September 2020, Uchitel opened up even more about her relationship with PK.

“He was generous to me… He was always a very generous guy. I have him saved in my phone as my catcher. He would always catch me before I would hit the ground,” she said. She went on to talk about how PK became almost like a “dad” to her because of the way he would take care of her. She recalled her birthday one year in which she says PK spent $80K at Tenjune nightclub in New York City and then another $50K to send her on a vacation to Thailand.

Uchitel Is a Mom of 1

Two years after her affair with Woods went viral, Uchitel ended up falling in love. In 2011, she married Matt Hahn. The two welcomed a daughter in 2012 and ended their relationship in 2014.

Uchitel also spent a great deal of time trying to get her career off the ground and change the way the public viewed her: as a mistress.

The “Tiger” documentary was part of Uchitel’s hope for changing her public image.

“The reason I chose to do the documentary is because I wanted to tell my story in one place, at one time, and be, like: ‘Listen: This is what happened. I’m not an awful person,'” she told the Los Angeles Times in early 2021.

She also felt that doing “The Celebrity Apprentice” would be a good move for her career.

“I thought Donald [Trump] would be nice to me. I thought he’d think I was cunning and see I was smart. I don’t know. I thought it would be a good move for me,” she told the LA Times.

Uchitel is still finding herself wanting to fix her image.

“I think I get misunderstood a little bit, and people don’t like me. I try my best, and sometimes I don’t do a good job. I’ve made some wrong turns. But that doesn’t define me. … I have a daughter. I love animals. I’m not this person who is trying to sleep with married men and be scandalous or whatever. I’m just doing my best to be happy and figure out my purpose in life. And I think people are really hard on me,” she told the LA Times.

It seems as though a tell-all could be another step on Uchitel’s path of redemption.

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