Ramona Singer’s Credit Score Brag Has Fans Hoping She Gets Fired From ‘RHONY’

Getty Images Fans are fed up with Ramona Singer.

Some fans of the “Real Housewives” franchise are completely fed up with Ramona Singer, and are hoping that Bravo gets rid of her ahead of the new season of “RHONY.”

Although the level of drama brought by Singer was once considered a staple on the New York franchise, some fans feel that she has overstayed her welcome, and that it’s time that she is replaced. The last season of “RHONY” was a bit of a train wreck, so much so that there wasn’t even a reunion show after the season ended.

Fans are currently watching Singer on “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip,” and many are having the same feelings as they did watching her on “RHONY.” A couple of Reddit threads calling for Singer to be fired have been started in recent days.

Here’s what you need to know:

Singer Revealing Her Credit Score Was the Nail in the Coffin for Many Fans

For whatever reason, Singer decided to share her credit score — 780 — while Bravo cameras were rolling, and the move turned many fans off.

“She’s delusional and beyond media controversies; Her ‘flashing’ a [780] credit score is desperate and reaching for a producer’s storyline which is incredibly sad. Keep getting drunk and complaining about soap (in a place you chose and know about previously) instead of realizing your faults and being a better human. Just because you’re the oldest doesn’t mean you deserve more or better because you’re the least liked and most hated of the group,” one Redditor wrote, starting a new thread about Singer.

“Agreed. She’s too much and not even fun to watch. She’s beyond toxic and sad and let’s be honest, has been for a very long time. It’s just getting worse. Seeing her talk to herself in the mirror, telling herself how good she looked after possibly not paying for the stylist for her time was insane,” one person commented.

“She’s not like, a funny level of delusional…. it’s emotionally taxing to watch her,” added another.

“She’s honestly not even fun to watch… unless you’re into bowel movements. She’s so insufferable she ruins any show she’s on,” a third comment read.

And this wasn’t the first time that money has come up in regard to Singer, either. Back in March 2021, Page Six reported that the reality star accidentally leaked her bank statement.

“The leaked bank info showed that her balance in the account at $367,483.70 on Feb. 22. Her transactions included a $16,942.90 check withdrawal and a $7,500 deposit from BEN Group Inc,” the outlet reported at the time.

The Future of ‘RHONY’ Is Unclear & so Is Singer’s Future on Bravo

The “Real Housewives of New York” likely won’t be returning any time soon. In fact, Andy Cohen pretty much confirmed that there are no plans to film another season of “RHONY” at the present time.

“We are kind of on pause at this moment. We have a lot of casting happening and we are looking at every option,” Cohen told Michael Rapaport, who was filling in for Wendy Williams in early November 2021. “We are working on it. I love New York, you love New York, we all love New York,” he added.

And while there have been rumors that Singer will absolutely be part of the cast if and when the show starts filming again, fans are hoping that Bravo makes a move before then.

Many “RHONY” fans seem ready for a serious change — that does not include Singer.

“Honestly sober Luanne is a snooze fest. Ramona needs to go too. Sonja I think always works great as a supporting role. I would only bring back Dorinda. Other than that, I want all new wives,” one person commented on a Reddit thread about the future of the show.

“Fire Ramona and Leah.. And they need more housewives. The cast was too small this past season. Maybe bring in some newbies but they should have a connection to the remaining cast members and bring back some old cast members like Jill [Zarin],” added another.

“Axe Ramona,” a third comment read.

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Rebecca R
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My FICO score’s over 800. Big whoop.

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