Ramona Singer Goes Off on Fan

Ramona Singer

Getty Ramona Singer in 2019

In the comment section of a recent Instagram post, Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer was accused by a fan of allegedly being “rude” after the fan and her daughter supposedly ran into Singer in person.

On October 17, Singer posted a photo from her home in Southampton, New York. In the caption, she wrote that she was hosting a “Great Gatsby” themed dinner party for a few of her friends. However, what should have been an innocent post soon turned into controversy in the comments.

On the photo, one fan called Singer out for a negative experience she allegedly had when she ran into Singer recently. The fan wrote, “Remember the other night you eat a women in the bathroom at a restaurant you were at. You were extremely rude to her. So stop acting like your so sweet. That was my daughter. You definitely owe her an apology.”

After the fan received a lot of replies to her comments, she elaborated on the alleged story. She wrote, “No my daughter was talking with her and had her phone videotaping the both of them, she knew she was videotaping. Then Ramona starts yelling at restaurant staff telling them they should pick things off the floor etc also cursing. Then my daughter said Ramona say hi to my mom (on video) and she just started freaking out and cursing. Just rude.”

Ramona Singer Clapped Back at the Fan

After the fan left those comments, Singer clapped back at her. Singer responded to the fan, “#seriously Why would someone approach me in the bathroom as I’m there to pee?!?”

In the comment section, fans definitely seemed split on their views about the alleged incident. Some were on Singer’s side, and some were on her fan’s side. One user responded to Singer’s comment, writing, “@ramonasinger Keep treating fans that way and you won’t have any.” Another user took the fan’s side, writing back at her, “Your daughter can’t just demand Ramona say hi to you. Seems that she is the rude one. Basically you’re daughter gaslit at the restaurant and you are doing it here on her page. Your story is boring anyway.”

Ramona Singer’s Daughter Has Also Been Accused of Being Rude Before

In late July, Singer’s daughter, Avery Singer, was also accused of being rude to people in public. Page Six reported that Singer was rude to employees at the West 4th Street FedEx location. Allegedly, Singer tried to get the FedEx employees to pack all of her stuff up for her and act like a moving company. When the employees said they couldn’t do that, Singer reportedly became mad and left her stuff all over the store.

Later, a rep for Singer tried to clear the air, telling Page Six that the story was “untrue.” The rep told Page Six, “Avery has been shipping from this FedEx location since before March and throughout the entire move and everyone has been so courteous and helpful. The original location was unable to accommodate the size [of] box she needed to ship, so she had to switch locations. But that’s all it was. Someone is obviously trying to make more about this situation than it really is.”

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