Ramona Singer Responds to ‘Real Housewives’ Star’s ‘False Narrative’

Real Housewives of New York City OG cast

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Sai De Silva hasn’t made it a secret that she had a bad experience meeting “The Real Housewives of New York City” alum Ramona Singer and mentioned it on a couple of occasions, but on September 13, Singer responded to De Silva.

The new RHONY star’s claim that Singer was rude to her when they first met was brought up by Singer’s daughter Avery on their joint podcast “Turtle Time With Ramona and Avery” and the younger Singer said she wondered if De Silva was doing it to get written about in the press. “Sounds like it to me,” the RHUGT star replied. She then shared her perspective on their meeting at Art Basel in Miami.

“I was at an exhibition… and it was really crowded, really crazy, and overwhelming,” Singer explained. She said a “very beautiful petite girl” approached her and said hello and asked how she was. “And I just kind of had the poker face because I am very expressive with my face,” Singer continued. “I admit my face wasn’t embracing because I get bombarded a lot by people and I wasn’t sure, ‘Do I know her? Is she somebody new?'”

According to Singer, De Silva told her, “‘I’m not a fan, I’m a new Housewife on the RHONY show.’ … So then I said to her, ‘Oh ok so you’re one of the new Housewives, great, it’s really nice to meet you’ and we chatted and I said let’s do an Insta story together. Listen I know she has half a million [followers], I have a million but I believe women should support women so I thought by me putting it on my Instagram, her show hadn’t aired yet. It gathered interest for her because I want the show to be successful for Ubah [Hassan] and her.”

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Ramona Singer Said She Gave Sai De Silva Her Phone Number & Told Her to Reach Out if She Wanted

Singer explained that because she spent 13 seasons on the original run of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” she wanted it to continue on successfully, even with a new cast of women.

“So I said to her, ‘Well I just want to wish you a lot of luck because you’re going to need it.’ Now, I didn’t mean you’re gonna need it in a malicious way, I meant no one realizes how difficult it is to be a reality star… It’s a lot of hard work. People can really go after you when you film. You don’t know what you’re coming up against. The press can go after you. It’s very stressful.”

Singer went on to claim that she and De Silva even exchanged messages after meeting and she gave the RHONY newbie her cellphone number and told her to reach out to her if she needed help or advice. “And then she went nutty on me,” Singer concluded. “I only wish her the best. If she is listening to this podcast, obviously you misconstrued what I said.”

Sai De Silva Said Ramona Singer Was Rude When They Met at Art Basel

De Silva first called out Singer when she appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with her RHONY co-stars after the season 14 premiere when she said the OG was rude to her at Art Basel. Afterward, host Andy Cohen said Singer had reached out to him and shown receipts of their exchange.

Upon De Silva’s return to the clubhouse, she showed the conversation herself, in which it looked like she left Singer on read. “There is no me replying to anything else,” De Silva pointed out.

The influencer brought up Singer on another occasion when she joined a live taping of Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” on September 7. A fan asked De Silva and Hassan which Housewives they’d want with them on “Ultimate Girls Trip” and which ones they didn’t and De Silva replied, “I don’t want Ramona on the trip.” De Silva then said that Singer was a “total a******” when they met.

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