Did This Real Housewives Star Get Kicked out of the Mormon Church for Adultery?

Whitney Rose

NBCUMV Whitney Rose from RHOSLC

During the premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, new housewife Whitney Rose reveals her rocky relationship with Mormonism.

Rose actually met her husband, Justin Rose, while she was married to her ex-husband. The two had an affair, and quickly separated from their respective spouses. Now, 10 years later, the two are still together and are as happy as ever. However, Roses’ affair caused problems when it came to her Mormon religion, causing her to become “unofficially excommunicated” from the Church.

During a November 11 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rose talked more about being unofficially excommunicated. “I wasn’t forced out, which is shocking,” Rose explained to Entertainment Tonight. “An unofficial excommunication means that you leave by your own free will. I stopped practicing, I removed my Mormon garments that I was wearing, which is the underwear you receive when you make a commitment in the Mormon Church.”

Rose Revealed That She Is ‘Worried’ About Her Kids as the Show Airs

Rose also revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she is the most “worried” about her children when the show premieres, because of how she and her other cast mates may be perceived. “I really worry for my children in the community, because what their friends’ parents maybe now view, or think of Justin and I,” Rose revealed. “As wild as I am, as much fun as I have, choices I make, I’m a damn good mother and they’re my first priority. That was my biggest hesitation going into this.”

Rose continued about the new franchise, “It’s going to be seen in both ways, I think, of disgust or dislike, but also if it’s profitable, it might be a good thing for Salt Lake City. As long as we stay respectful — you know, it’s predominantly Mormon here — I think you can be respectful, but be truthful.”

Rose Is Related to Another Member of ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’

Rose is also related to another member of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Heather Gay. Gay is her second cousin, and she is also distancing herself from the Mormon church. “I’m walking away in the show, this is the process,” Gay recently revealed to Entertainment Tonight. “I’m lighting my entire life on fire, and it is hard. … It’s devastating because it felt like the option got ripped out from me, because so much about Mormonism is based on marriage and the family, and when that imploded, like, it didn’t feel like I really had an option.

Gay was also the one who helped bring Rose onto the show. “Actually Heather Gay is the one who roped me into it. Heather is my second-cousin and she had heard about the process and recommended me,” Rose revealed to KUTV on November 9.

Rose continued, telling KUTV, “I was born into this world as an entrepreneur. I’ve always been driven and hardworking and had big goals. I’ve really learned that I can accomplish those things when I want them. I just have to be able to do the work and stay consistent.”

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