RHOBH Star Calls Lisa Rinna a ‘Hypocrite’

Garcelle Beauvais

Getty Garcelle Beauvais.

Lisa Rinna had a lot to say about Kathy Hilton’s behavior during an explosive cast trip to Aspen on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In the season 12 episode “We Need to Talk About Kathy,” Rinna said she was shaken by a meltdown she claimed to have witnessed while alone with the socialite after leaving an Aspen nightclub. While rehashing the tirade in a confessional, Rinna claimed that Hilton began screaming about how she planned to “take down” NBC and Bravo and “ruin” everyone on “RHOBH.”

“We get back to Kyle’s house and it’s just the two of us and it gets worse,” Rinna claimed. “She takes her glasses off, she throws them on the ground, she’s jumping up and down, breaking her glasses. She’s pounding the walls and she’s screaming that she made [her sister] Kyle [Richards]. “And she said, ‘I will destroy Kyle and her family if it’s the last thing I ever do.’”

“I am very, very in shock still. And I am putting on a brave face because I feel PTSD,” Rinna added. “I feel like I have seen the devil. And her name is Kathy Hilton.”

Garcelle Beauvais Said Lisa Rinna is a Hypocrite for Being So Shocked By Kathy Hilton’s Meltdown in Aspen

During an appearance on the September 21, 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,”
Hilton’s good friend and co-star Garcelle Beauvais was asked to comment on Rinna’s commensta bout the socialite.

A fan asked Beauvais, “Do you think Rinna is being a hypocrite by being so shaken by Kathy’s meltdown when she herself was throwing wine glasses and trying to grab Kim Richards by the neck in Amsterdam?

“You guys, I mean come on,” Beauvais laughed, before replying, “Uh, yes!”

On social media, fans reacted to Beauvais’ response, with some noting that she didn’t skip a beat.

“Great question and even better answer. The Amsterdam scene is all I could think of this entire episode,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“Rinna’s reaction makes no sense, such drama, please people are allowed to have moments!!!! Rinna has had a few!!!!” another agreed.

“Lisa Rinna is a walking contradiction,” another wrote.

Another fan noted that Rinna had a few meltdowns herself this season, which she blamed on grief after losing her mother just before filming started.

But others defended Rinna due to the fact that Hilton’s meltdown was not shown on camera.

“Or they could actually show ALL of the footage instead of bowing down to Hilton’s legal team with the pathetic edit they performed. Maybe then Rinna wouldn’t be perceived as ‘overreacting,’” one commenter wrote.

Lisa Rinna Had a Meltdown During a Famous RHOBH Dinner Scene

10. Lisa Rinna vs Kim Richards (#RHOBH season 5)10. Lisa Rinna vs Kim Richards (#RHOBH season 5)2015-12-30T04:37:01Z

Longtime fans saw Rinna have a major meltdown on a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” episode back in 2015.  In a season 5 episode set in Amsterdam, Rinna got into a shouting match with Kim Richards after she insulted her husband, actor Harry Hamlin.

After Richards insinuated that Hamlin had a secret past, Rinna became upset and lunged at her before smashing a wine glass on the table.

“Let me tell you something,” Rinna said to Richards. “Don’t touch my husband, ever.  … Don’t you ever f***ing go after my husband!!!”

Hamlin later told Us Weekly he was proud of his wife for coming to his defense.

“She and I would equally defend each other’s honor,” he told the outlet. “I was actually proud of her … every time I see it, I go, ‘You go girl!'”

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