RHOC Alum Says Sutton Stracke Is ‘Very Aggressive’

Sutton Stracke

YouTube/Bravo Sutton Stracke.

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Sutton Stracke and Diana Jenkins had an intense conversation while attending Garcelle Beauvais’ birthday party in season 12, episode 8. During the discussion, Stracke questioned why Jenkins was at the event as she had health issues following her miscarriage. When the Georgia native clarified that she empathized with her co-star, Jenkins asserted Stracke was “fake.” She eventually called her “frail and old.” Stracke also stated that she believed Jenkins was “a soulless person.”

During a July 2022 episode of “Two Ts In A Pod,” former Bravo stars Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Tamra Judge shared their thoughts about Stracke’s behavior in “RHOBH” season 12, episode 8. 

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Discussed Sutton Stracke

While recording the episode, Arroyave discussed Stracke’s demeanor and asserted that she “has not shown one moment of fun this entire season.” Judge agreed with her podcast co-host and theorized that Stracke’s testosterone pellet implant was causing her to act aggressively. 

“She doesn’t smile. I texted you this morning. I’m like ‘what is going on with Sutton?’ I don’t know if it’s the testosterone pellet or what’s going on with her, but she’s very aggressive. And that’s what testosterone will do to you and I’m not making excuses for her,” said Judge. 

The former “RHOC” star also shared that she did not like how Stracke spoke to Kyle Richards during a phone call in “RHOBH” season 12, episode 8. 

“We have Kyle and Sutton Facetiming and just the subtle shade the Sutton is throwing this season, it’s like borderline mean. Kyle said something and she was like ‘I hate you’ but the way she was saying it, ‘I hate you,’ I know she’s joking but my god,” stated the mother of four. 

Judge then discussed Stracke and Jenkins’ conversation. She shared that she believed the Georgia native “was shady” while speaking to her new co-star. 

“She would say things that were shady, ‘oh bed rest did you good.’ It’s like why was it your job to sit Diana down when you guys aren’t in a good place anyways and start off by saying ‘well why are you here, you were supposed to be on bed rest,’” stated the reality television personality. 

Crystal Kung Minkoff Spoke About Her Friendship With Sutton Stracke

As fans are aware, Stracke also had issues with her “RHOBH” co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff during the show’s eleventh season. The castmates continued to have problems in season 12. However, Minkoff shared that she and Stracke are now close friends during a May 2022 interview with In The Know

“We really tried to like stick a pin in this last year kind of halfway through but it still felt lingering for me and I’m sure it was for her. Because you can’t after weeks of arguing resolve it but we both made that commitment to chill and we did, we were able, even off camera, get to know each other better,” said the mother of two. 

During a different May 2022 interview with In The Know, Stracke shared that Minkoff attempted to help her with her dating life. She revealed that her “RHOBH” co-star almost “set [her] up with a neighbor.” 

“She said ‘honey, a house just sold in my neighborhood, I’m going to go check him out.’ I was like ‘oh my god alright.’ I can’t believe she didn’t ask me to do it because I love a good stalking event,” stated Stracke. 

She went on to say that Minkoff ended up not going forward with the plan. 

“She was like ‘nope, no, he does not meet the requirements,’” said the 50-year-old. 

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