Margaret Josephs Hints at Physical Fight With Dolores Catania

Bravo/YouTube Dolores Catania

There’s a storm brewing in the Garden State.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Margaret Josephs revealed that there was some “touching” of cast members during the latest season. Josephs guest co-hosted “Bravo’s Chat Room” on August 23 where she spilled all the tea about the newest season.

Co-host Gizelle Bryant asked if there had been any “finger pointing in people’s faces.” Josephs confirmed that some of the cast members had to get involved and hold back some of the other ladies.

“Jersey girls, when they talk, they talk with their hands, [and] there’s a lot of finger pointing,” she told the ladies. “[There’s been] some finger pointing in Dolores’ face from some people, which she does not take well. We’ll leave it at that. Of course, we have to get in the middle, hold some ladies back… so you’ll get to see that.”

Co-host Porsha Williams then asked if she could spill more tea. “There is a little touching,” Josephs added. “There is a little touching this season and it’s not sweet fondling. And it’s not on me. It’s not on me this time,” referring to the infamous season nine ponytail pull.

She continued saying, “I’d call it a scuffle. I would say a scuffle, and you’ll be surprised who it’s towards. A person you normally don’t see in a scuffle.” RHONJ season 12 is wrapping up filming.

Frank Catania Also Teased a Physical Altercation

Josephs wasn’t the only one to go on the record about some kind of fight. Fans are not strangers to watching the cast members have screaming wars with one another, slam wine glasses at each other, throw drinks at each other, and even a hair pull or two. Dolores Catania’s ex-husband and ‘House Husband’ Frank Catania recently assured fans that this season will not be any different.

“This year, let me just say, it gets physical…which usually never happens,” Catania dished to the “Let’s Get Raw with Rori” podcast on August 5. He added that at one point, things get, “out of control.” Catania wouldn’t spill if the physical altercation is between females or males.

Dolores Catania Revealed the Season Was ‘World War 3’

Dolores Catania also confirmed that the newest season is packed with nonstop drama. “There have been some incidents that have happened that are definitely cringeworthy,” Catania spilled on Realitea with Derek Z on August 4. “And there are things that have happened that are going to be very big surprises.”

She added, “There’s no storyline, like, ‘Oh I saw that coming.’ Once again I’m gonna say we’ve already topped last year… which is hard to do. And every year on this show, I’m like, ‘How are we gonna beat [last] year?’ And the pressure is on.”

Catania explained that they have successful seasons, because things “work out” for the ladies when they’re “authentic” and true to themselves. RHONJ is still filming, and Catania assured fans that the drama is far from gone.

“I’m actually on my way to a scene right now that I’m anticipating [will be crazy],” she said on Realitea with Derek Z. “Maybe you can’t anticipate storylines, but I’m anticipating World War 3 right now. I’m on my way…I’m not kidding…I’m on my way to a scene that is going to be God knows what.”

The mom of two added that even though there will be plenty of drama, she is still super “proud” of how her and her cast members have spent this time filming.

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