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Bravo star Eboni K. Williams joined the cast of “Real Housewives of New York City” during its thirteenth season, which premiered in May 2021. Page Six reported the former public defender attended a comedy showcase “at Broadway Comedy Club,” hosted by Chanel Omari of the “Chanel in the City” podcast, in November 2021. During Sam Bloomstone’s set, the Bravo star came on stage and snagged the microphone from him. 

The Queens of Bravo Twitter page posted a video from the event. During the clip, Bloomstone interacted with a group of women, who were sitting close to the stage. At one point, he spoke to Williams, stating, “listen JCPenney Collection up front — let’s relax.” This comment caused her to make her way to the stage. Before she began to speak, the 28-year-old comedian  commented that he would “put [his] life savings that whatever [she was] going to say is nothing funny.” The “RHONY” star replied that she did not intend to be humorous. 

“It’s not about being funny b***. What it’s about is you respecting a mother******* Black queen. And what we don’t do, what we don’t do — JCPenney b****, okay. A b**** like me, you gotta respect bro. JCPenney? On your worst day,” said Williams. 

Page Six reported that the Bravo star also “slapped his derriere.” Williams then remarked that her boots were made from Italian leather. Bloomstone responded by stating, “I’m sure a bunch of Italians have been inside, don’t worry.” 

The reality television star commented on the Twitter post

“It was a fun night y’all [two crying laughing emoji] Relax…the comedian joined us all for dinner and more drinks later. And yes, I was drinking before I took the mic. Sorry I’m not perfect and had a little fun [woman facing palming emoji] [woman shrugging emoji],” read Williams’ tweet. 

Sam Bloomstone Discussed His Experience During a December 2021 Interview

Page Six reported that Sam Bloomstone discussed the experience during a December appearance on the  “Juicy Scoop” podcast, hosted by comedian Heather McDonald. He explained that he had been allotted nine minutes to do the set, but “this group of women right in the front row” started heckling him.  

“They were just relentless,” stated Bloomstone. 

He went on to say that Williams “kept chiming in,” while he was trying to tell jokes. In retaliation, he decided to “make fun of this woman’s shoes.” He also revealed that he was unaware that Williams was a Bravo star. He then recounted that she “grabb[ed] the mic.”

“She says it’s about respecting me. I’m like, is this about the shoes still? Like wow I really struck a chord with that. And then she went back and forth. She got off the stage then she got back on,” recalled the comedian. 

He then shared that Williams and her group of friends, which included former “RHONY” star Barbara Kavovit and former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Braunwyn Windham-Burke, took him out to dinner. 

“I was like you ruined my set Eboni, you can pay for my steak,” stated the comedian. 

He also revealed that he is planning on helping Williams perform her own set at a comedy club. 

Eboni K. Williams Shared Why She Joined the ‘RHONY’ Cast in October 2021

During an October 2021 interview on “The View,” Eboni K. Williams shared why she believes it was important for her as a woman of color to join the “RHONY” cast. She explained that she felt “reality TV owes everything to Black women.”

“I think that Black women actually have so much to gain from the media if used properly, right? I think that for better or for worse there is nothing like the impact of reality television. I think we all thought it was going to be a hit it and quit it thing maybe 15 years ago. We’re on 13 seasons of ‘New York,’ 15 seasons, 16 seasons of ‘Orange County,’ it’s not going anywhere, so if you can’t beat them, maybe it’s time to join them,” said the 38-year-old. 

During an October 2021 appearance on the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast, Williams responded to “RHONY” fans who felt her discussions regarding race and politics were unnecessary. The former “Fox News Specialists” co-hosted shared some comments caused her to “get emotional.”

“When I was first hearing that I was really taken aback actually. I kind of feel a little naive saying that. I don’t think I quite anticipated how much vitriol there would be around the audacity of me to bring these full aspects of myself and my identity to the show,” explained Williams. 

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