Some Fans Are Calling for This Real Housewives Star to Be Fired

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A Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star is facing backlash after she was seen in a photo attending the riot in Washington, D.C. last week.

On January 6, Sara McArthur Pierce, who is not a full time cast member, stormed the capital city with scores of other supporters of President Donald Trump to protest his election loss to president-elect Joe Biden.

Sara McArthur Pierce

InstagramSara McArthur Pierce.

After a photo began circulating online of the Bravo star — sporting an American flag beanie — smiling with other supporters at the riot before hundreds attacked the federal building, fans are now demanding that the network fire her from RHOSLC.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Photo Went Viral After It Was Posted to the Instagram & Twitter Accounts of ‘Real Reality Homo’

The photo, which is making the rounds on several Bravo fan accounts, first went viral after it was posted to the Instagram and Twitter accounts of Real Reality Homo.

The account posted the picture to Twitter on January 8 with the caption: “Sara, who made an appearance on this week’s #RHOSLC was also in attendance on Wednesday during the ‘peaceful protests’ and insurrection in Washington DC.”

The tweet has since amassed 1,000 likes and has invoked a wave of public backlash calling for Pierce’s firing.

“Andy you need to fire SLC Sara McArthur Pierce, she was involved with the terrorists who stromed the US Capitol,” one person tweeted at RHOSLC host Andy Cohen.

Another said, “Get her off the show.”

A third user wrote, “@Andy someone who doesn’t ever need to appear on my screen again,” referring to the photo of Pierce.

Pierce Says She ‘Peacefully Protested’ & Did Not Enter the Capitol Building

Sara Pierce

HeavyInstagram screenshot.

Pierce, whose Instagram has since gone private, has addressed the accusations.

The reality star confirmed in an Instagram story that she was in attendance of the Washington, D.C. riot that day but claimed she only “peacefully protested.”

In a series of posts, screenshotted by Heavy, she wrote:

For the record I NEVERED entered the capitol. The media is absolutely lying to you about what ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE! Millions peacefully protested nothing was burned or destroyed, the city was completely intact! Those who entered the capital or exhibited violence should be held accountable just like at every other protest! Conservatives have EVERY right to protest for fair, transparent and honest elections just like all Americans should be.

RHOSLC Cast Members Whitney Rose & Jen Shah Have Weighed In

RHOSLC stars Jen Shah and Whitney Rose are speaking out after Pierce’s attendance at the riot garnered public attention.

Whitney Rose, a friend of Pierce on the show, was in the hot seat after she apparently liked one of Pierce’s photos sporting a Make America Great Again hat during the Fourth of July, according to The Sun. The 34-year-old has since taken to Twitter to condemn the riot after fans began to speculate whether she supported her friend’s attendance in Washington, D.C.

On Twitter, Rose wrote, “I am devastated by the events that took place at The Capitol Wednesday. I was not there and DO NOT agree with it. Humanity needs more love and understanding right now. Let’s stop the hate. #RHOSLC @BravoTV.”

Meanwhile, The Blast reported that Shah responded to a photo of Pierce at the riot on a Bravo fan page, writing, “ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME?!?!? Wow. Well this answers a lot of questions.”

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