Shannon Beador Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Shannon Beador

Bravo Shannon Beador on WWHL.

A star of “Real Housewives of Orange County” has revealed she had cancer removed from her body.

Shannon Beador took to Instagram on Monday, May 2, 2022, to announce that she had skin cancer removed from her body.

Here’s what you need to know:

Shannon Beador Announced She Had ‘Skin Cancer Cut out’ & Urged Her Followers to Get Checked

Beador posted a photo of her shoulder bandaged.

“Just had skin cancer cut out,” she wrote on Instagram. “I had a scab that never healed. Make sure to get regular skin checks! Also want to thank everyone for their love and support with Archie’s skin issues. He is a little better. Will post the details tomorrow!”

She also alluded to a good health update in regards to her dog Archie, which she had shared was unhealthy.

“Archie has not been doing well for the last few months,” she posted on Instagram on April 22, 2022. “I want to warn you that some of the following slides are difficult to see. We are taking Archie to our vet and a specialist to get him better, but it is difficult. We are told his immune system is shot. He has been on multiple antibiotics for various skin infections for the last 3 months and has been taking Apoquel. Nothing helped. Right now we are combining western and holistic medicine in hopes that something will work. Today, he scratched his front leg raw with a cone on his head and a sock on his back foot; it happened in just minutes. He is so sad. Please say a little prayer for Archie. We are beside ourselves in the Beador home.”

Fans Took to the Comments to Share Their Cancer Stories With Shannon ‘Skin Cancer Is No Joke’

Several fans took to the Instagram comments to share their experience with skin cancer.

“I’ve just had 2 biopsy’s done last week. Waiting for the results. Probably basal cell. If so this should make #20.. I am an 80’s girl and never used sunscreen. Paying for it 20+ years later,” a fan commented.

“I have skin cancer surgery known as Moh’s surgery on Monday for same thing. A scab on cheek that didn’t heal and sure enough it was early stage of skin cancer,” someone else said. “If In doubt, get it checked out!!!”

“I had a melanoma on my shoulder 12 yrs ago,” a fan wrote. “I had it removed with clean margins and I haven’t had any problems sense. May is skin kids are awareness month. Schedule your annual mole patrol With your Dermatologist Y’all.”

“Stay healthy Shannon May is melanoma month… lost my brother 7 yrs ago to this monster,” someone said.

“Dealing with this issue on my leg just waiting for the oncologist to call so they can do surgery on my leg. Feel better!!” a fan wrote.

“So happy you caught this before it got worse. I noticed what looked like a scab but skin colored on my right breast 2 years ago,” someone said. “Shave biopsy showed spindle cells which is a more difficult case to diagnose. I had a full biopsy of the area and am going for my yearly mammogram and ultrasound next week.”

“I hope u have a speedy recovery. Skin cancer is no joke. I had melanoma 8 yrs ago,” a fan said.

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