Tamra Judge Shares Details About Shannon Beador’s Dating Life

Shannon Beador.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Shannon Beador.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Shannon Beador announced that her ex-boyfriend John Janssen ended their relationship after three years of dating in January 2023. According to BravoTV.com, Beador made an appearance on a March 2023 “Jeff Lewis Live” episode, hosted by Jeff Lewis. During the interview, Beador disclosed she is dating again and specifically, is seeing an unnamed individual who is “very handsome.” The mother of three also revealed the person has a sweet disposition.

Beador’s RHOC co-star Tamra Judge spoke about her love life in the March 29 episode of her podcast, “Two Ts In A Pod,” co-hosted by “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. Judge shared that Beador “is dating” someone but clarified she “wouldn’t say she has a boyfriend.”

“She’s never really said ‘he’s my boyfriend.’ She just said she’s dating and she doesn’t know what the outcome is going to be… One of her friends from either college or something like that set them up. What she’s told me about him is he is very nice. I’ve seen pictures, he’s very good looking,” asserted Judge.

The reality television star also shared that Beador’s new beau “has normal eyes.” She then commented on the appearances of Janssen and Beador’s ex-husband, David Beador, who she divorced in 2019.

“David has big giant bug eyes and then John had very heavy lid eyes, like his eyelids were hanging down. So I just said ‘can you just get a guy with normal eyes,’” said Judge.

Emily Simpson & Tamra Judge Spoke About John Janssen

RHOC star Emily Simpson shared her thoughts about Janssen during the March 25 “Two Ts In A Pod” episode. She explained that she believed the Vice President of Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers was too eager to be on the Bravo franchise. She clarified that she does not know “if he solely was in the relationship with [Beador] for TV.”

“I do think that he loved the limelight. And [Beador] used to always call him a private person and say like ‘he’s a private person and he’s not interested in being in the limelight,’” said the lawyer. “But he was always on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with her. He was traveling with her everywhere. He was always filming with her all the time and I’m like ‘okay, Mr. private person, is clearly not a private person. I think he’s enjoying the limelight.’”

The 47-year-old then asserted that Janssen did not let Beador “be herself” while they were dating. Judge seemed to agree with Simpson, stating, “he’s an a******.”

While recording the podcast episode, Judge acknowledged that she stopped speaking to Beador for two years after she originally left RHOC following season 14. She noted, however, that she did interact with Janssen before their falling out.

“I will say I stopped talking to Shannon for two years and prior to the two years we didn’t talk, I felt that their relationship was not well,” stated the Vena CBD co-owner.

Shannon Beador Shared She Was Surprised by Her Breakup

According to BravoTV.com, Beador spoke about her breakup in a January 2023 interview on “Jeff Lewis Live.” The reality television star shared that she did not expect her ex-boyfriend to end their relationship. She explained that they had filmed RHOC season 17 as a couple and noted that they shot a romantic scene together on the last day of production.

“John and I filmed together and it was great. I got teary-eyed with the words he was saying. I thought, ‘god we are going to get there,’” stated Beador.

The Bravo star also shared that Janssen spoke positively about their future a few days before breaking up with her.

RHOC season 17 does not yet have a release date.

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