Shannon Beador Reveals Where She Stands With Her Ex-Husband

Shannon Beador.

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“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Shannon Beador gave an update on her relationship with her ex-husband, David Beador, during the July 23 episode of “Jeff Lewis Live,” hosted by “Flipping Out” personality Jeff Lewis. During the interview, Lewis referenced that the RHOC star had run into her ex-husband, who she divorced in 2019, at the Corona Del Mar restaurant, The Quiet Woman, in June 2023. Shannon Beador noted that she and David Beador were cordial enough to take a picture together for their children Stella Beador, Adeline Beador, and Sophie Beador, during the interaction. She stated, however, that their relationship is still complicated.

“I thought that I was okay with him, but then he blocked me, but he’s unblocked me again, but then he just chooses to not communicate with me, which is a shame,” said the reality television star.

She went on to say that she “kind of had hope” that she would be in a better place with her ex-husband “after [Stella Beador and Adeline Beador’s high school] graduation” in June 2023. Shannon Beador also stated that she is “assuming” David Beador and his estranged wife, Lesley Beador, are “still moving forward with” their divorce.

Shannon Beador Discussed David Beador on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Shannon Beador discussed seeing her ex-husband at The Quiet Woman during a June 2023 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” She asserted that there were “absolutely zero sparks” during their interaction. She also noted that David Beador refused to communicate with her over “the last five years.”

“If he heard my voice on the phone with the kids, he would hang up,” said the reality television star.

The RHOC personality also stated that her eldest daughter was happy to receive a picture of her parents posing together.

“Sophie FaceTimed us immediately because – you know and that’s sad because they were super excited about it and then he said ‘Go ahead and post [the picture on Instagram],’” said the reality television personality.

In addition, Shannon Beador said she would like to have a cordial relationship with the father of her children “for the kid’s sake.” She also suggested he was friendly when they were together for their youngest daughters’ high school graduation.

Shannon Beador spoke about her issues co-parenting with David Beador during a 2022 “Watch What Happens Live” interview.

“We still don’t have [a relationship]. Like I’ll get in trouble for this but if he’s on the phone with my daughters and he hears my voice, he hangs up the phone. He will not return a text. It’s unbelievable,” said the mother of three.

Shannon Beador Opened Up About Her Relationship With Her Ex-Boyfriend, John Janssen

During her July 2023 appearance on “Jeff Lewis Live,” Shannon Beador addressed rumors that she had rekindled her romance with her ex-boyfriend, John Janssen. As fans are aware, Janssen ended his three-year-long relationship with the Bravo star after RHOC season 17 wrapped production in November 2022.

According to the mother of three, she has decided to maintain her friendship with Janssen. She asserted, however, that they are not romantically involved.

“We’re not back together, but we have spent quite a bit of time together in the last couple months. We see each other often … We have not hooked up for a long time. A long time, but John Janssen and I, we have dated but neither of us have been intimate with anybody other than each other,” said the 59-year-old.

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