Shannon Beador Calls out Heather Dubrow on WWHL

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She made her look like a wackadoodle.

During a recent January 19 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Shannon Beador went off on her “Real Housewives of Orange County” costar, Heather Dubrow, for her behavior so far on the season.

Beador shared her thoughts about her costar after host Andy Cohen asked Beador what her reaction was to her sit-down with Dubrow during episode 5. During the sit-down, Dubrow threatened Beador, telling her, “If you ever come after me or my family ever again, you’re going to lose a lot more than just my friendship. This will cost a lot. And I’m not saying this as a threat, I’m saying it as a promise.”

“She kind of made a little threat to you at the end,” Cohen told Beador during her appearance on WWHL.

“I mean, going through my mind at the time, I thought, ‘Bravo, how many times did we practice this script?’ because it seemed quite scripted to me,” Beador replied. “But when she was saying those words to me, I didn’t have any intention to go after her family, but what was this threat? You’re going to hurt me, you’re going to try and take the company away from me that I’m building to support my daughters? Because now you’re threatening my family…”

Shannon Beador on Heather Dubrow’s “Promise” | WWHLShannon Beador reacts to Heather Dubrow’s “promise” during their infamous sit-down and Shannon gives her feelings about Gina Kirschenheiter telling Heather about the Nicole James rumor. ►► Subscribe To WWHL: ►► Watch Full Episodes:   Watch WWHL Sun-Thu 11/10c: WWHL Website: Follow WWHL: Like WWHL: WWHL Tumblr:   'Watch What Happens: Live' is Bravo's late-night,…2022-01-20T04:03:47Z


Throughout the course of the season, Beador and Dubrow have been feuding after it was revealed during the Dubrow’s sushi party that Beador had dug up an old lawsuit against Dubrow’s husband, Terry Dubrow, and told some of her costars about it. The lawsuit was filed by new cast member Nicole James against Dubrow nearly 20 years ago and it ended up being dropped.

Beador Said That Dubrow ‘Comes After Her’ This Season

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight in early January 2022, Beador revealed that Dubrow does “come after” her this season, but she stressed that she is not afraid of her costar. Dubrow was a cast member during seasons 7-11, and then returned for season 16.

“You’ll see later on in the season if she does something that I don’t necessarily agree with — I’m not gonna lie, she comes after me this season that she doesn’t come after other people for, and I fight back when that happens,” Beador told the outlet about Dubrow. “I’m not afraid of her. My very first season, I had issues with both she and Tamra [Judge] as a first-season Housewife. That was pretty, pretty difficult, but I did it. I handled it. I’m not afraid of her. Or of anyone.”

Another ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Star Revealed She Felt a Certain Pressure When Dubrow Came on the Scene

Even though Dubrow may be at odds with some of her castmates, she’s definitely bringing the drama this season. During a January 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, star Emily Simpson admitted that she felt like a lot of this season was dependent on Dubrow.

“I mean, we want it to be successful,” Simpson explained about the show. “We want it to be good. We want people to like it. We want people to be engaged and want to watch it. But I do feel like the brunt of that was on Heather, kind of. They made a big deal about her return and her coming back, she has a lot to carry there.”

Simpson continued, “Once I kind of processed through coming back, it was just the three of us [Gina Kischenheiter and Shannon Beador], Heather was coming back on, then I was like, yeah, it’s a good thing. Because people always wanted to her to come back. They always were still interested in her life.”

Viewers can catch all-new episodes of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Bravo.

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