Shereé Whitfield’s Boyfriend Released From Jail

Sheree Whitfield

Getty Sheree Whitfield in 2018

It’s time to make some room in Chateau Shereé, because it looks like former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Shereé Whitfield’s boyfriend, Tyrone Gilliams, has just been released from prison.

According to TMZ, Gilliams was released from a Kentucky prison last week. Gilliams was sentenced to 10 years behind bars in October 2013 after he was charged with wire fraud. Gilliams was convicted of stealing more than $5 million from investors, according to Page Six. However, Gilliams was released early due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and has now been reunited with Whitfield. The two dated on-and-off while Gilliams was in prison, but now they are  confirmed to be back together and have been residing in Philadelphia.

Whitfield was a cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta during Seasons 1-4, and, after a brief hiatus, made a comeback during Seasons 8-10.

Shereé Whitfield Said That Her Relationship Got Deeper While Gilliams Was in Prison

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During a January 2018 interview with Page Six, Whitfield revealed that her relationship had flourished while Gilliams was behind bars. “The positives of dating someone incarcerated, for me is, I really feel like I got to know him on a deeper level,” Whitfield explained at the time. “A lot of times relationships are built on physical and a lot of times they don’t work. People don’t take the time to get to know each other, or communicate, or talk. We do all of that. We don’t have anything else to do but communicate.”

Whitfield continued, “I feel like I know this man better than any other man in my entire life. Tyrone and I talk pretty much throughout the day. If it’s not via telephone, it’s email, and it’s almost like a love story, you have all these love letters and things like that. It’s kind of cute and romantic.”

Shereé Whitfield Wants to Get Married Again

Although it’s unclear if there are wedding bells in Whitfield and Gilliams future, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star did open up to Bravo’s The Daily Dish in 2018, revealing that she would like to get married again one day. In 2007, Whitfield divorced her husband and former NFL player, Bob Whitfield, which viewers saw play out during the early seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

“I definitely see myself getting married again in the future,” Whitfield said to The Daily Dish at the time. “I love the institution of marriage a lot. I really feel like Tyrone may be the one. I know this man. I trust this man. I can talk to him about anything. He respects me and loves me unconditionally and me with him. I just feel like he’s my best friend. I feel like he’s my soulmate and what we have, these feelings weren’t just built on a physical relationship. We’ve gotten to know each other on a more emotional and mental level.”

Viewers can catch brand-new episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta every Sunday night on Bravo at 8/7c.

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