Real Housewives Star Says She’s ‘Concerned’ About Sutton Stracke

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Sutton Stracke was called out by Erika Jayne as a “liability” in terms of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star’s friendship with Garcelle Beauvais. Now, newbie Sheree Zampino shared that she also expressed her own doubts about Stracke and Beauvais’ friendship.

“Erika has her opinion, I’m not going to use the word liability, but, I do see, I’m gonna get some heat for this, but I do see Garcelle standing up a lot for Sutton and playing clean up a lot,” Zampino shared with Us Weekly. “Personally, I don’t want that kind of friendship where I always have to clean up behind you and I don’t mind coming to your aid as your friend, but now is it intentional? Are you doing this on purpose because, you know, I’m gonna support you?”

She explained that Beauvais is her friend and that’s why she’s “concerned.” She shared, “They have a cute connection, it’s playful. The friendship seems to be authentic. I just, as her friend, I just don’t want anybody taking advantage of her kindness and the way she does friendship.” Zampino revealed that she did tell Beauvais about her concerns and that the actress was “very quiet” in response.

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Zampino Echoed Her Comments in Another Interview & Said She Spoke With Beauvais About Stracke’s Friendship Before Jayne Said Anything

Zampino made almost the same comments in a podcast interview with Page Six, telling the co-hosts that she told Beauvais “something very similar to Garcelle before I knew Erika said it cause I kind of watched it.” However, she clarified that she didn’t say the word “liability,” explaining:

Liability is a strong word and I personally wouldn’t use that word, and I didn’t use that word, but I was a little concerned as Garcelle’s friend.

I’m like, you know, a lot of what I saw is a lot of her bravado. Sutton’s bravado came from knowing Garcelle had her back.

Zampino also said she thought that Stracke was the “common denominator” in a lot of the problems in the cast and shared with Page Six, “maybe the distance that you feel between the rest of the girls is because of her.”

Zampino Said Being a Full-Time RHOBH Cast Member Would Be ‘Frightening’ But She’d Love to Receive a Diamond

Zampino is appearing as a friend on this season of RHOBH but revealed that she would love to be offered a diamond for a full-time role on the show despite the drama. The actress told Us Weekly that filming can be “complete madness” and said she was “speechless” regarding the cast trip to Aspen, Colorado. “There are no words, you have to see it to believe it,” she teased. “I can’t wait to see how this is cut together, because let me tell you, it was explosive on a whole other level.”

Zampino also told listeners that the upcoming trip would “not disappoint” and said it was going to be “quite entertaining.”

She told Page Six in her interview that the possibility of appearing as a full-time cast member “scares the bejeebies outta me.” She explained, “I can’t sit here and say, yeah bring it… It’s frightening.” However, despite that, she said she’d love to receive a diamond and then “we’ll see what I do with it.”

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