Stephanie Hollman Faces Backlash From Fans

Bravo/YouTube Stephanie Hollman

Fans aren’t holding back against Stephanie Hollman. “The Real Housewives of Dallas” star shared videos and photos of herself and her friends celebrating the Fourth of July. In one of the videos — shared on Instagram by her friend Trey Stewart — Hollman takes a Fireball shot and then passes it along mouth-to-mouth to one of her friends, as seen below.

A few Bravo fan accounts — like @ILiveForBravo and @BravoAndCocktails — reposted the video, and fans had quite a few things to say about the interesting way Hollman chose to share a beverage. One fan simply put it, “This is so f****** gross lol.” Dozens of other fans agreed, saying her actions were “gross.”

“I’m not a stick in the mud and I do a lot of crazy s*** especially while drunk but….this is just gross,” a fan commented under the post on one of the fan accounts. Some viewers noted that with the COVID-19 pandemic, the video may not have been in the best taste. One wrote, “That’s the real COVID shot.”

Many Fans Had Hollman’s Back

While many fans found the video “disgusting,” some fans noted that she shouldn’t be ridiculed for having a little fun. One wrote under a fan account, “How dare she have fun, she’s a mum! Who said you can’t go out and let loose when you have kids? Get a grip! Put down the keyboard/phone and go live a little people…”

On the same post, another fan wrote, “Shes just having fun! Lighten up !” And one commented, “Funny love Stephanie.” A fan chimed in, “Let her live! She allowed to have a good time with her friends! All the judgement in these comments terrible.”

Hollman herself didn’t comment on any of the reposted videos nor did she reply to any of the comments. RHOD has yet to begun filming for the new season.

Hollman Isn’t the Only RHOD Star to Face Controversy

During the latest season of RHOD, viewers watched Hollman’s BFF Brandi Redmond struggle with the aftermath of a video resurfacing. In early 2020, a video that was originally posted to Redmond’s Instagram story in 2017 resurfaced. In the video, as seen above, it appeared that Redmond was impersonating someone who is of Asian descent, as she made fun of having “squinty eyes,” which was offensive to many viewers.

In the video, which was captured by multiple Bravo fan accounts, Redmond also appears to be putting on an accent. “Everybody ask me what Asian I am ’cause of my eyes, they squinty,” Redmond said in the video. “But I have a new hairdo, ha ha.”

Throughout the season, Redmond apologized for her insensitive video and even had difficult race conversations with RHOD newcomer Dr. Tiffany Moon. Redmond revealed that she checked herself into a wellness center to “reflect and better herself,” her rep told People in January 2020.

D’Andra Simmons also faced criticism off-camera. In February 2021, Texas suffered a major power crisis due to severe winter storms sweeping across the country. The traditionally hot state was ill-prepared for the weather, and as a result, at least 151 people were killed directly or indirectly, per the Dallas Morning News.

During the crisis — in which many citizens went days without electricity, heat, water, food, etc. — Simmons posted a photo, as seen above, of herself decked out in Alexander McQueen and Chanel. She captioned the photo, “These last few days have truly been scary for Texas. We’ve been fortunate enough to have running water and electricity in our home. … We are truly counting our blessings and happy we could be of assistance.” She then wrote a section about RHOD and her podcast.

Fans flooded the comments with criticism. Simmons turned off the comments shortly after. “Bad form while people are struggling in your state,” one wrote. Another wrote, “Read the room Miss Chanel…I would suggest instead of talking about a podcast you can recommend places people can go to stay warm or where to donate.”

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