Bravo Stars Poke Fun at Iconic Moments From Their Show in New Video

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Everyone knows the “Summer House”  should be fun. But in reality, it’s not always fun and games in the Hamptons party house.

Fans have seen major drama play out during the sixth season of the Bravo reality show, thanks in part, to the party crashers from rival show “Southern Charm.”

But in a light-hearted moment, “Summer House” stars Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, and Danielle Olivera poked fun at some of the most dramatic scenes that have aired since the show’s debut in 2017.

The Summer House Stars Reenacted Famous Scenes From the Show

In a video shared to the Bravo TV Instagram page, several “Summer House” stars traded places to reenact memorable scenes from the show.

In one scene, Amanda Batula was seen clapping her hands as she screamed at her husband, “Summer should be fun! Kyle…not fun!”

In another spoof moment, Carl Radke switched places with his now-girlfriend, Lindsay Hubbard, as he informed his co-stars, “I’m gonna go sleep. In a bed. With a guy.”

And Danielle Olivera also pulled off her best Lindsay impression as she asked the burning question: “How many sandwiches have you made for me?”

Fans hit the comment section to praise the cast for the reenactments.

“I love how they make fun of themselves,” one fan wrote. “This is why this show is successful. They are able to laugh at themselves and not take it so seriously. Plus how could you not love @carlradke doing his impression of @lindshubbs.”

A few fans noted that the group forgot one of Hubbard’s most famous quotes: “Don’t activate me.”

Fans Know the Original Scenes Well

Longtime “Summer House” fans immediately recognized the scenes. In season 2, a drunken Kyle Cooke delivered his most famous “Summer House” line when, during an argument, he told his future wife, “Summer should be fun. Amanda…not fun.”

He still references the line to this day. In February, Kyle admitted that he forgot to buy Amanda a gift for her 30th birthday. “Retro birthdays should be fun. My gift-giving skills – not fun,” he wrote on Instagram earlier this year.

Fans also remember Lindsay’s famous sandwich argument with her ex, Stephen Traversie, that played out during the fifth season of “Summer House.” When Stephen moved into the quarantined “Summer House” with his girlfriend and spent most of his days working on his computer, she became “activated.” After telling Stephen how frustrating his long work hours were for her, Lindsay accused him of asking her to wait on him.

“You ask for things all day every day,” she screamed.

After Stephen noted that she had made him lunch “one time,” Lindsay fired back with the famous: “What sandwiches have you made me? Have you made sure that I had something to eat?”

The relationship didn’t make it through the summer.

During a January 31, 2022 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Lindsay was asked by host Andy Cohen how many sandwiches her current boyfriend, Carl, has made for her.

“He hasn’t made me sandwiches,” she said. “He makes me a lot more. He made me chili yesterday. He is a big grill guy, so he does a lot of steaks and shish kabobs, stuff on the grill.”

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