Sutton Stracke Reveals Why She Showed Up to ‘Jeff Lewis Live’ With a Swollen Eye

Sutton Stracke

Heavy/NBCUniversal Sutton Stracke.

Sutton Stracke showed up for an interview with a mysterious eye ailment.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”  appeared on “Jeff Lewis Live” with a red, swollen eye, and the notoriously picky host did not hide his concern. But soon after, Stracke explained that she had been recovering from an infection.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jeff Lewis Told Sutton Stracke She Looked ‘Sick as a Dog’

In a clip shared on Lewis’ Instagram page on August 29, 2023, Stracke, 51, was in-studio wearing oversized, tinted sunglasses for a sitdown on Lewis’ Sirius XM show. But even through the glasses, it was clear that her left eye was extremely swollen.

Lewis didn’t hold back. “You are sick. You are sick as a dog,” he told the RHOBH star.

Stracke told Lewis and his co-host Doug Budin, that she was feeling “better,” but added that whatever she had was “coming out of [her] eyeball.”

“It felt like something flew into my eye,” she added. Budin agreed, “That could have happened!”

A concerned Lewis then asked Stracke, “So are you going to go to urgent care or something after this?” Stracke replied, “No.”

The Bravo star teased that she talked to a doctor who told her to, “Just, you know, go along for the ride.”

Budin, whose acting credits include guest roles on “Fraiser,”  “Friends,” and “Modern Family,” noted that he’s never played a doctor, but once played a nurse on TV. “That is an infection,” he said of Stracke’s eye.

Lewis was having none of it. “I think you need antibiotics, that’s an infection,” he told Stracke as he made a disgusted face.

By the end of the clip, Stracke finally agreed to seek treatment. “The hospital. I’m going to the hospital after this,” she said.

Fans reacted to the preview clip, with some expressing surprise that Lewis even let Stracke in the studio considering that he’s “a huge germaphobe.”

Others felt Stracke should have canceled the interview. “Sutton was not a peach on this interview, she should have stayed home.” one commenter wrote.

“Disinfectant that mic and the entire area. Whatever it is is probably contagious,” another wrote.

“She has conjunctivitis. Everyone wash their hands! Clean everything she touched, sorry Sutton,” another speculated.

But in an Instagram post shared on August 29, Stracke gave fans an update. The Sutton Concept owner revealed that she spent “a few sick days with a sinus infection.”

“And no one got sick from my spot on the @jljefflewis live show on @radioandysxm,” she added.

While she’s on the mend, Stracke’s swollen eye was a lot worse than her biggest problem during her first appearance on Lewis’ show. The first time she was a guest on “Jeff Lewis Live,” Stracke revealed that her biggest concern was how her hair looked.

Jeff Lewis is Known For Being a Germophobe

Jeff Lewis.

Getty ImagesJeff Lewis.

Fans were not totally off base with their comments about Lewis’ reaction to Stracke’s eye condition. And it’s not a  shocker that he described Stracke as “sick a as dog” and told her she needed to be on medication. Lewis previously admitted to the Boston Herald that he lacks a filter and is “compelled to tell people the truth” no matter how brutally honest he has to be.

As for his reputation as a germaphobe, after his daughter Monroe was born, Lewis answered a fan question on “Watch What Happens Live” to reveal how he deals with all of the “baby vomit” and “diapers.”

“I will tell you that it’s I wash my hands a million times a day, but it’s strange because I used to wash it for me now, I wash them for her because I don’t want to bring any germs to her,” he said in 2017. “I do wash my hands a million times a day.”

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