RHOBH Fans Compare Sutton Stracke Kitchen Scene to Iconic Kim Richards Moment

Sutton Stracke and Kim Richards

Getty Sutton Stracke and Kim Richards.

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans have seen plenty of kitchen “moments” on the Bravo reality show: Harry Hamlin preparing his top-secret Bolognese sauce recipe, Kyle Richards’ famously burnt salmon, and her incessant use of disposable aluminum pans.

But one of the most iconic food-themed scenes came in season 3, with the episode “Don’t Sing For Your Supper.” Not only did viewers get treated to an after-dinner musical performance by Yolanda Hadid’s then-husband, David Foster, but they got an inside look at Kim Richards making chicken salad for a crowd.

Fast forward 10 years later, and another Housewife was filmed making chicken salad—and fans couldn’t help but compare.

RHOBH Fans Roasted Sutton Stracke’s Chicken Salad Scene

Following the August 3, 2022 RHOBH episode titled “Rosé Colored Glasses,” fans reacted to a scene featuring Sutton Stracke making chicken salad as two of her kids, Philip and Porter, looked on. The scene was a rare glimpse into Stracke’s life as a mom. During her first season on RHOBH, Stracke was not allowed to have her kids on-camera.

“My ex-husband just was adamant that they could not film with me and I totally get it,” Stracke revealed on the “Reality Life with Kate Casey” podcast. “It was a hard blow because…. I wanted also viewers to see me with my kids and me at home. …When you get to see all of the ladies at home with their kids and their families, it’s kind of like, you know, you don’t they don’t show that much of it. It’s clearly not that interesting. But it’s the soft underbelly of who these women are.”

But fans finally got a heaping helping of Stracke at home – and in the kitchen. In the new scene, she dumped a ton of mayonnaise into a bowl of chopped chicken and began stirring until it made “gross” sounds.

A clip from the scene was shared on the Bravo TV Instagram account along with a throwback to an earlier RHOBH scene in which original Housewife Kim Richards was making chicken salad for her own kids.

In the comment section, fans couldn’t help but compare the two scenes, with many zeroing in on Stracke’s technique.

“What’s she stirring with. An oar from a row boat?!” one commenter asked.

“Kim using her hand though,” another cracked.

“She’s allegedly a Southerner but uses Hellman’s mayo? Blasphemous,” another wrote of Stracke.

“Sutton isn’t using Dukes mayonnaise and she’s from GA!! Wtf,” another noted.

“Dear God why is @suttonstracke using Hellmans?!?! What kind of Southern woman are you??? @dukes_mayonaisse or absolutely nothing,” another wrote.

“She has turned her back on her Southern roots!!” another added.

Others slammed Stracke for her kitchen scene with her cats nearby.

“Is disgusting that people, Sutton, allows her cats to sit on the table and you want to eat food from her kitchen! How much cat hair do u want in your food! DISGUSTING,” one viewer wrote.

“Wait isn’t she ‘vegetarian’ or is a chicken not an animal either?” another asked.

“Omg Sutton is so dull. Watching someone make sandwiches is about as exciting as she gets,” another wrote.

Fans Felt Bad for Kim Richards Following Her Chicken Salad Scene 10 Years Ago

Kim Richards

GettyActress Kim Richards.

In 2012, Richards’ chicken salad scene had some fans feeling bad for her. In the scene, the RHOBH O.G. whipped up a vat of chicken salad, using her hands to mix it up, while a glam squad helped her youngest daughter, Kimberly, get ready for her prom. While the mom of four tried desperately to get her distracted daughter’s attention with chicken salad and lemonade, the teen just wanted to go to her dance.

In a Reddit thread titled, “Kim Richards Making Chicken Salad Makes Me Sad,” fans reacted to the mom-daughter moment.

“IIRC, no one had any of the chicken salad,” one fan commented.

 “They were in their dress/prom/homecoming clothes and not interested in eating (or lingering) at all. It was really sad but she also should have known not to waste her time,” another chimed in.

“She was all excited about making them food and drinks and the kids just GTFOd,” another wrote.

But fans will be happy to know that the chicken salad did not go to waste. In a post on her Bravo blog, Richards revealed that after the prom, her daughter’s friends downed the chicken salad.

“[I allowed] Kimberly her time as young lady preparing for prom, while I worked on the chicken salad and things and things and things,” Richards wrote. “She had a great time at the prom! Kimberly called from the limo! (Or did I call) either way she was already having fun! She and all her friends got home around 1 am. The pool was heated. They had fruit, chicken salad, and I baked some goodies. It was a success.”

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