Sutton Stracke Claims That Erika Girardi Was ‘Tipped off’ About Secret Cast Meeting

Sutton Stracke

Getty Sutton Stracke and Erika Girardi

Sutton Stracke is not letting the mouse go on this one.

During an August 19, 2021, episode of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show,” Stracke said that she believed that Erika Girardi was told about the cast meeting that they had without her, and was warned about the line of questioning that was coming her way. During the episode that aired on August 18, 2021, the cast met without Girardi to talk about the serious legal allegations being made against her and her estranged husband, Tom Girardi.

“The other thing I’m thinking is, Erika’s been tipped off,” Stracke said during the after-show. “She knows that we all got together. She knows. Girl, she wore a headband, come on. Someone had told her that we had gotten together, and I knew that was going to happen anyway because I’m not stupid. Women talk, which is fine, but I know that she knows that we met separately without her.”

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When a producer then asked Stracke who she thinks tipped Girardi off, she admitted that she believes that it was Lisa Rinna.

“Lisa,” Stracke said. “And that’s okay with me. They’re like best friends. Look, if we had a meeting and Garcelle [Beauvais] wasn’t invited, I would call her and say, ‘Garcelle, we had a meeting, you weren’t invited and we were talking about you, not in a bad way, but we were just talking about something that’s going on in your life that we’re concerned about. I would totally call her, one hundred percent. I mean, I don’t know for sure that she did that, but I can only imagine that she did.”

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Stracke Said That She Wanted to ‘Take a Step Back’ After Learning About Girardi’s Legal Woes

During a recent interview with Fox News, Stracke explained that after she read the explosive Los Angeles Times article about the things Girardi and her estranged husband were being accused of, she wanted to “take a step back.”

“When we were in La Quinta [Palm Springs], we were having a lot of conversations about their relationship, and then this very heavy article came out in the L.A. Times, [so] I just wanted to take a step back and say moving forward, ‘Are we going to continue these conversations?’” Stracke said. “I just wanted us to be very careful with the conversations that we were having [in regards to] whatever was going to happen in the future. That was basically my concern.”

Stracke continued, telling the outlet, “I read that article in my room at [Kyle Richards’] house in La Quinta and I was like, wait a minute, this is so much information. That article was like six pages in the L.A. Times, and it also had all of the information that was public record. It was a lot of legal stuff. I just read it by myself three times.”

One Lawyer Wants to Use Girardi’s Statements From the Show in Court

During a July 2021 interview with Us Weekly, Ronald Richards, a lawyer currently investigating the bankruptcy case of Girardi Keese, claimed that he will be using Girardi’s “inconsistent” statements from the show in court, and maybe even some of the statements that her costars have made as well.

“There’s a lot of inconsistent statements and admissions made by the non-scripted actors that we’re putting together to use in court,” Richards explained on July 30, 2021.

Richards continued, “There’s a lot of things we’re still trying to uncover. We are going to be deposing her (Erika) at some point, but I want to get all the documents first. What’s important right now is following the money.”

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Nora Manon
Nora Manon
9 months ago

I find Sutton boring and trying to make herself relevant once again. Everything that she says is of her own opinion, because none of us know the facts. Shame on her for judging Erika, her supposed friend and running to the media the 1st chance she got!

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