Tamra Judge Says Co-Star’s Relationship ‘Reminds Me of Brooks & Vicki’

Tamra Judge

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Is history repeating itself? “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge certainly thinks so. In the July 12 episode, “Big Trouble in Big Sky”, Judge began to confuse her friend and new cast member Jennifer Pedranti when Judge shared with the rest of the cast that she heard that Pedranti’s boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian (whom Pedranti met at Tamra and her husband Eddie Judge’s gym, CUT Fitness), wanted to sleep with Judge despite knowing she was married (prior to his relationship with Pedranti).

“By the way, she’s not the only married woman he f***ed in my gym,” Judge later mentioned to castmates Shannon Beador and Taylor Armstrong without Pedranti present.

Judge explained her behavior later in the episode in a confessional, saying, “If I see somebody that’s not with the right person, I f***ing lose my mind. This reminds me of Brooks [Ayers] and Vicki [Gunvalson] all over again. […] I can smell bulls*** from a mile away.”

Tamra Judge & Vicki Gunvalson Fought Over Brooks Ayers

Judge and Gunvalson (an original cast member of RHOC) have a longstanding friendship that is filled with its share of ups and downs. Fans of the series had a front-row seat to one of their more turbulent times, during Gunvalson’s relationship with Ayers, which Judge did not approve of, leading to many on-screen fights between the two co-stars.

Gunvalson and Ayers first got together in 2010, despite Gunvalson being married to her second husband, Donn Gunvalson. Vicki divorced Donn in order to be with Ayers, filing in 2010 and finalizing the proceedings in 2014.

Gunvalson first brought Ayers around on the show during its seventh season, which aired in 2012. While Judge was not a big fan of her friend’s new boyfriend from the start, she waited until a party at Heather Dubrow’s house for the season finale to let her opinions loose. After Judge rolled her eyes at Gunvalson for toasting cast member Alexis Bellino, Ayers called her out, asking why she gave Gunvalson “the evil eye”.

This escalated into a fight between the ladies after Judge told Gunvalson to “stop letting him tell you what to think”. Judge then accused Ayers of trying to turn all of Gunvalson’s friends against her.

Another RHOC Cast Member Has Thoughts on Jennifer Pedranti’s Relationship

Fellow RHOC star Gina Kirschenheiter also has a strong opinion on Pedranti’s relationship with Boyajian. Since Kirschenheiter has claimed that her ex-husband Matt had cheated on her (as well as physically abusing her), learning that Pedranti’s new relationship with Boyajian is the result of her leaving her husband had brought up some buried emotions from Kirschenheiter, who was seen walking away from a conversation about Pedranti’s relationship and then sobbing to Dubrow in the July 12 episode of the series.

Pedranti maintains that she was never physically unfaithful to her ex-husband and that she and Boyajian did not do anything physical until after her separation, however when Kirschenheiter appeared on the July 12 episode of “Watch What Happens Live”, host Andy Cohen asked her if she believed that, to which Kirschenheiter answered, “I don’t”.

Judge also claims that Pedranti’s story is not fully true and that Pedranti’s ex-husband Will caught the two of them together in Boyajian’s car, to which Pedranti replied in a confessional, “I met Ryan, he gave me a gift, there’s no sex in the car in the parking lot.”

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