Tamra Judge Gives Update After Being Hospitalized

Tamra Judge.

NBCUniversal Tamra Judge.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge updated fans following her hospital admission.

In an October 11 Instagram Story, Judge thanked her fans for showing their support and concern on social media. She explained she “got extremely sick in Scotland” — presumably for new episodes of the Peacock series, “Traitors” — “about four weeks ago.”

She stated that despite her illness, she “powered through it,” until she “continued to have some very serious stomach cramping” after coming “home.” The Vena CBD co-founder explained that she decided to go “the hospital Sunday night,” where she underwent “a CT scan,” which determined she “had an obstructed bowel or intestine.” 

While filming the Instagram Story, she noted that the issue was due to her previous “abdominal surgeries for [her] intestinal problems.” She also shared that she will not have to undergo surgery. 

“There’s scar tissue, so luckily they were able to put a tube down my nose and suck everything out for 24 hours and they didn’t have to do surgery. Hoping it doesn’t happen again,” said the 56-year-old. 

Judge revealed on October 9 she had an “intestinal obstruction” and was in the hospital. A social media user took to the comments section to share they believed that Judge’s problems with her health could be attributed to Ozempic, writing, “This is Ozempic, right?”

Judge uploaded an October 9 Instagram Story that featured a screenshot of the social media exchange, Reality Blurb reported. In the caption of the post, the mother of four stated, “These comments are disgusting!” 

“I’ve suffered from intestinal problems for years. I’ve had multiple surgeries in the past 12 years remember when you all made fun of me for not having a belly button. That was due to emergency life saving surgery. Part of my intestines were being strangled. My grandmother died of intestinal problems. I’ve never been on Ozempic and personally wouldn’t use it for weight loss!” Judge wrote. 

Tamra Judge Had Surgery in December 2022 

In a December 2022 episode of her podcast, “Two Ts In A Pod,” co-hosted by “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Judge noted that she had to undergo abdominal surgery in late December 2022 because she “had an incarcerated hernia 10 years ago.”  

“My intestines were dying, they cut me down the middle of my stomach through my belly button. That’s why I don’t like my stomach because I don’t really have a belly button,” explained Judge. 

On January 1, 2023, Judge took to X to share how she was feeling after ongoing a “revision of a hernia surgery.” She stated that she was it “a little bit more than she bargained for.” She explained that her doctor “found another hernia in [her] upper stomach.”

“My entire abdomen was covered in scar tissue, so he had to dissect all of that, so I’m just in a little bit of pain,” explained Judge. 

Emily Simpson Revealed She Has Used Ozempic 

Reality Blurb reported that Judge’s RHOC co-star Emily Simpson previously used Ozempic to lose weight. In an October 2023 interview on her castmate Gina Kirschenheiter’s podcast, “Orange Country,” Simpson discussed her weight loss.

She explained she never “tried to hide” herself before losing weight. She explained that she did not want to miss out on experiences with her family because she felt self-conscious.

The reality television star also noted that her children, Luke, 8, Kellen, 8, and Annabelle, 10, did not realize she had lost 40 pounds. According to Simpson, Annabelle told her she “didn’t even notice” because the 10-year-old “think[s] [her mother] is beautiful no matter what.” 

“My boys were in the backseat and they said the same thing, they were like, ‘Mom, you lost weight? We didn’t even noticed you lost weight. You’re just mom, you’re just pretty.’ That’s how kids think. They don’t think in terms of pounds or dress sizes. They think in terms of ‘Is my mom present?’” said Simpson. 

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